Resident Evil Reached Over 1.5 Million Fans

Resident Evil's FacoBook has officially announced that it has reached over 1.5 million fans on its FaceBook.


New Resident Evil art added

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WhiteLightning2381d ago

...which they'll never listen to


dmc and RE ORC....just what every fan wanted /s

Coolmanrico2381d ago

I agree with the DMC half of the statement, but I don't see what everyone problem with ORC. It's a spin-off, like outbreak and dead aim was. RE ORC isn't taking the place of Re6, it isn't even being made by the same team.

Then there is all the whining about when are they going to announce RE6. We all know it's coming, do we really need a teaser. I rather they take all the time they need to make an awesome RE6, then to try a rush out another installment.

WhiteLightning2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

The problem is why make a multiplayer L4D style game when the reception to RE5 was that it lacked horror and was crap BECAUSE OF Co-op.

I mean fair enough Outbreak did it back on the PS2 but the Capcom now don't know sh*t.

It gives me the impression that in RE6 they'll add even more co-op base features. Have you seen the RE5 concept art of what RE5 could of been without the forced looked like it could of been the best RE game ever, it had everything Tyrants, zombies, Jill, Barry, horror, good solid plot.

It's basicaly that Capcom don't listen....if you were running a company and the reception to the best franchise you had was average and people complained about the co-op would you turn around and say "Hey guys lets get a crap american developer like Slant Six and make a co-op based L4D style rip off which uses things which RE has never featured before"

" I rather they take all the time they need to make an awesome RE6, then to try a rush out another installment"

They took their time with RE5 aswell and look what happened. They got half way in, jumped on the co-op train for more money, changed a good game and made it average at best.

Pozzle2375d ago

I think people are just disappointed that they're making a game like ORC, instead of a new Outbreak game (which is what many fans have been calling for ever since online gaming finally kicked off this gen).

That, and ORC looks very action-oriented (even moreso than RE6) so people are worried that if ORC is a success, Capcom might try to steer the series into an even more action-oriented direction.

Jappy-k72381d ago

I'm one of them :)
despite all the hate, to me capcom was and still a great developer

Trainz2381d ago

Capcom used to be my favourite devs back in the days of the ps1 and I still liked their games during the ps2 days.
Then this gen I dunno what happened but they milk every game for dlc and re-release the same games over and over with a few new things.
They also handed DMC to some cocky dev team, drove resident evil into a ditch and cancelled the mega man franchise.
Now the games they are making suck (asura's wrath, Ultimate marvel vs capcom, dragons dogma).
They are even going as far as to sell cheat codes as dlc!

Plagasx2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Yea, make RE6 good and you'll have even more fans...