5 Terrible NES Games That Will Never Make It Onto The Virtual Console

Rich Knight of writes, " I could easily pick on E.T. or Custer's Revenge like everybody else (Two games that couldn't come to the Virtual Console anyway because of their respective consoles). But why waste time with that crap when there are a slew of other games that don't get their time in the sun to fester?"

" So here are five terrible games that will never, ever, ever, ever, make an appearance on the Virtual Console. Unless of course a sequel comes out for the Wii or one of the characters makes an appearance in Smash Bros. Then, expect a port in the next few months or so."

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MK_Red3882d ago

I'm pretty sure they'll make it to VC. Nintendo released the China Warrior and a couple of other terrible NES games for VC and if they approved a 3rd party game like Anubis 2 for Wii, they're not going to keep those games away from VC.

Tsalagi3882d ago

I actually owned Time Lord.