Now That Gran Turismo 6 is In Development, Will it Be for PS3 or PS4?

Earlier in the week, Yamauchi stated vigorously during an interview that the Polyphony Digital team is currently working on Gran Turismo 6. That got PSLS thinking, will it come out for the PlayStation 3, or will we be waiting until the next generation to see it come to fruition? Let’s step back and approach this question with as much evidence as possible. - PSLS

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Micro_Sony2472d ago

Well I would hope its for the PS3 being that they have only made one game these gen and they need to put the game engine to work.

Also I dont think I can wait another 5 years for GT6 on the PS4.

remanutd552472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

ps4 and i think God of War 4 will be a ps4 launch title , i think ps4 launch line up is gonna be very solid not like the ps3

Voxelman2472d ago

No, more likely it will be like God of War 2 and launch on PS3 being the last big first party game on the PS3.

Trexman892472d ago

what about Uncharted 4? i'm thinking that will still be on PS3.

BitbyDeath2472d ago

"i think ps4 launch line up is gonna be very solid not like the ps3"

I agree, Sony seem to be in the best position they have ever been before. Yes, they do not have the sales like they had in the PS2 era, but they have managed to gather such a large number of developers that they can release a new exclusive title on a near monthly basis.

Vita's launch is showing just how much they have learned so it is making me excited for the PS4.

iamnsuperman2472d ago

I think PS4. With all the talk of the major studios moving to the PS4 developments plus major studios releasing their big games this year (big cramped year) suggests a PS4 release soon. When in the PS4 cycle is any ones guess.

insertcoin2472d ago

I think there might be one for both consoles, though the PS4 will be the desired version of course.

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The story is too old to be commented.