DC Universe Onine: Is Sony's MMO Still At Risk?

ony recently announced that the superhero MMO for the PS3 has now gone free to play. The first MMO to hit consoles achieved some pretty notable success when it launched earlier this year. Though the very picky group of MMO gamers had a few complaints, many had become loyal after SOE issued some updates designed to balance the gameplay, and tweak the leveling system.

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DanSolo2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Well I heard that a million new users or something like that have got it since it went free-to-play..... But whether or not those figures are true doesn't really matter.

I just started playing it since it went free and so have a few of my friends... but they only started playing it after I told them about it. I don't think the whole free thing is being promoted enough, it should be in peoples faces letting them know. Not only is it good for the game but it's good for the PS3 as another selling point... a good, free, fun MMO just there to be downloaded... if it was Xbox it would be advertised a lot more.

I only knew about it going free from N4G, and I would likely have overlooked it had it not been for that. It could do really well and get massive numbers if everyone knew about it!

The 3 main points that I think matter are:
1) It's a good, fun, and addictive game.
2) Not enough people know about it, of everyone on my PSN friendslist only 2 people knew.
3) It's FREE and it's GOOD!

nycredude2436d ago

All you people complaining about it needing more promotion, use the freaking recommend tool in PSN and get more of your friends to download it. that is what it's there for.

BTW the servers can't handle anymore load right now. it took me days to download the game.

DanSolo2435d ago

That's hardly the same as the company making the game promoting it. Making a comment saying why don't more of us recommend it to friends shows you have kind of missed the point lol.

At the very least there could have been a big in your face over the top advertisement on PSN. And maybe they could have mass emailed to every PSN message box. That would have sufficed!

EVO-OM3GA2436d ago

I have been playing this game awhile now since it became FREE and its a fun game my only issues are:

The Lag when doing some missions due to the high number of players also doing the same mission it makes it hard to play complete.

I also wished I got more xp for defeating normal villians its just not enough.. I am still learning but the game is fun, I got lost in the Watch Tower a few times, had to invite my friend to guide me (I didnt listen to anything he said lol)

BigPappaPump2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I just discover that you level up quicker if you stick to the missions the DC characters task you with. I thought you get much by grinding from beating up random bad guys or getting your butt kicked by higher level players.

NYC_Gamer2436d ago

it's a 50 million dollar failure

DeleteThisxx2436d ago

Last I checked we're talking about DCUO not Too Human.

Micro_Sony2435d ago

I think your confusing Too Human with Resistance 3.

kevnb2436d ago

well when they made it for console too it was almost guaranteed to fail. MMOs only really work as pc exclusives, and even then its hard to keep people interested.

Trebius2436d ago

This game is a great fit for a console. The game plays like an action RPG game...controls are very responsive and the fighting is unlike any other mmo out there.

Definitely worth a try.

ATi_Elite2436d ago

I agree! MMo's on consoles are not yet ready. Next Gen they will be as consoles get the proper power and tools to run them.

DCUO should have been F2P day 1 as it lacks the amount of content to be P2P.

anyway SOE need to get their act together cause Planetside 2 is up next and they BETTER NOT SCREW THAT UP!

Planetside 2 is a PC exclusive MMO/FPS and so far it looks to be done TOTALLY RIGHT!

Tuxedo_Mask2436d ago

I have tried a lot of free to play MMOs on my PC since they're pretty much the only thing my specs can handle, but DCUO fits great on the PS3. The gameplay is similar to Marvel Ultimate Alliance and the flying mechanic is very smooth. I know you can play it on the PC too, but it just feels right on the PS3.

Lotus92436d ago

Completely agree about it needing to be promoted more. Especially since SONY is so invested in it. I knew it was going FTP, but didn't realize that the whole game was downloadable through the playstation store. I assumed that monthly fees were gone, but I still had to pick up the disk to play. Luckily I upgraded my hard drive to accommodate the size, but this is a huge fun stocked FREE MMO with no monthly fees.

I would not have spent $15/mo to play, but I will support it as I get into it more and may pay the full subscription fee to access new things intermittently.

More people should check this out.

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