Louisville coach says "Call of Duty" hurt Cardinals prep vs. Pitt

The game of football requires an incredible amount of preparation, study and work. It's a thinking man's game chockfull of strategy. So when the University of Louisville Cardinals took to the field this past weekend against the University of Pittsburgh Panthers and lost, there must have been a reason, right? Perhaps the team didn't go over game film as intricately as usual. Maybe there were some key injuries.

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Starbucks_Fan2141d ago

The other team was probably playing too much Battlefield 3, developing strategies. While this team used the same old tactics.

Fylus2141d ago

Haha, I was literally thinking to myself as I read it, "I bet the other team was playing Battlefield 3".

Brownghost2141d ago

you got that comment from the ign comments section, not original

Starbucks_Fan2141d ago

It's a good comment though.

Brownghost2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

lol it is and i think its true, and i was actually gonna use it but you beat me

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dinkeldinkse2141d ago ShowReplies(1)
GraveLord2141d ago

yeah lets blame everything on Call of Duty.
The economy is bad. CALL OF DUTY!

Fylus2141d ago

The Holocaust? CALL OF DUTY

BuffMordecai2141d ago

Your one bubble? Call of Duty.

Brownghost2141d ago

seriously the game isnt all that great, they just suck

Hufandpuf2141d ago

their team could have just sucked.

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