Comprehensive Black Friday Video Game Deals List

The day after American Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year, which has become known as Black Friday. Retailers fighting to claim the swarms of shoppers means deals for those early, determined, and lucky enough to score. Here’s a comprehensive guide to finding the absolute best deals to clearing your shopping list or satisfy your own gaming desires, while spending as little as humanly possible.

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joinsideke2468d ago

Honestly, if you don't use this list you're a frakking idiot.

Sev2468d ago

Agreed, this has literally every deal.

BigWoopMagazine2468d ago

Insanity. This also makes me wish I would have more patience when games release, I just paid $60 for a bunch of these!

knifefight2468d ago

I haaaaate crowds but stuff like this is tempting. Yakuza 4 for $10, Battlefield 3 for $35, and Heavy Rain for $15? Ugh.

ExCest2468d ago

dats cuz we duh best


Virus2012468d ago

2.Best Buy

Get there before 7am.

Challenge Accepted.

insertcoin2468d ago

So many 3DS bundles to choose from... can't decide.

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