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AusGamers has reviewed Assassin's Creed: Revelations and writes:

"Ubisoft has decided to take a detour on the way to ACIII, and Revelations is the final stepping stone in that deviation. And while Revelations adds a few nice features to the gameplay and plenty of fun in a nicely crafted multiplayer, the story essentially stops altogether..."

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iLL_Ranger2350d ago

This guy was REALLY upset with the story aspect of this game, huh?


Bathyj2350d ago

I think his concerns about the series losing its soul will be help with a new setting and protagonist.

Its time to drop Enzio and go somewhere fresh.

Me, I'm all for feudal Japan. Up the stealth and difficulty, and for godsake add a crouch/cover button.

I wish, since no one seems to be doing anything with Tenchu. (Yes I'm still flogging that dead horse.)

ssb31732342d ago

It may not be as good an AC2, but it certainly deserves a better score