ZoKnowsGaming: Saints Row: The Third Review

ZoKnowsGaming writes "In a crowded holiday season, Saints Row: The Third may be the biggest surprise of the year. The game is definitely the kind of game that folks have been waiting for, and with Grand Theft Auto V not coming out till at the earliest sometime next year, it has no equal in terms of similarity to gameplay.

It’s a nice change-up to the barrage of shooters and standard adventure games that we have been seeing lately. When I first started playing Saints Row: The Third, I thought this is too over the top. However, as the game progressed it turned into something that I couldn’t put down. Fortunately, the outrageousness that can only be Saints Row: The Third pulled me in and wouldn’t let go."

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JellyJelly2435d ago

Installing it right now on my 360. Can't wait to create a freaky character and jump into Stilwater!

ssb31732426d ago

This looks to be a decent game, can't wait for my copy