And another one bites the dust: Need For Speed: The Run is locked at 30fps

DSOGaming writes: "I seriously don’t understand developers these days. After Rockstar’s adventure game, here comes another one that is locked at 30fps. And get this right; this is a racing game. Yeap, Electronic Arts’ and Black Box’s highly anticipated Need For Speed: The Run is locked at 30fps. L.A. Noire can get away with this limit as it’s a slow paced adventure game but what were Black Box thinking? This is simply unacceptable."

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360ICE2471d ago

If it's locked at - without dropping - then 30 fps is going to be all right. Ferrari challenge did it. Okay this is a little more intense though

john22471d ago

PC games should not have any kind of fps limitation

Motorola2471d ago

This ^. Unless V- Sync.

fooxy2471d ago

Maybe its due to story line cut scenes being recorded @ 30fps just like LA Noir did

firelogic2471d ago

Gamers are all whiny little bitches. Play the damn game or don't.

Hide_and_Geek2471d ago

Came here to post this. Wah wah wah, this isn't acceptable, it should be 60fps even though I don't know anything about videogame development.

kaveti66162471d ago

You don't need to know anything about game development.

If games from the 1990s can run at more than 30 frames per second, then games from today should be able to run at more than 30 frames per second.

What possible technical reason do they have for locking the framerate on the PC version other than, "We're too lazy to change the code for the PC version. This game is crap and we're moving on to another sequel."

pucpop2471d ago

I wouldn't play a racing game at 30FPS if you paid me. Slooow...

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