Editorial: Why Microsoft Won’t Announce the Next Xbox at CES 2012

Drew Bergmark of CES 2012 is less than sixty days away and the likely-hood for a Microsoft announcement for their next home console is near impossible. To read more, click the link.

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darthv722465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

"Windows Phone 7 is considered Microsoft’s mark on the mobile market, I doubt Microsoft would even try to think of creating a sole gaming handheld device"

To be fair. MS created the OS platform. Not the device. It is other companies that are making the units so MS doesnt really have a "mark" in the mobile market.

All these reasons are logical as to maybe why they wont but they dont point to any reason why they arent working on a new system. Hell, even sony is working on a new system. Who knows, maybe the next system from MS will be the one to put their mark on the mobile market and the console market at the same time with the same system. (wink wink)

but you didnt hear that from me.

gamingdroid2465d ago

The Xbox 360 was in planning before the original Xbox was released so you can be certain the next Xbox has been in R&D for years.

MS has already started unifying everything with Windows 8, so I don't doubt the next generation devices will be even more integrated.

That's a win-win for consumers in my opinion.

S_C2465d ago

For me i think they will, theres no smoke without fire.....just look at GTA V, the news leaks became more and more specific (just like the new xbox articles)and it came to light to be true. I hope so anyways i want next gen sooner rather than later

Felinox2465d ago

I question only 2 gigs or ram? With ram being so cheap this seems like something that would be a limitation down the road that could be avoided for a few dollars.

Daz2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

yeah but it you have to buy 40 mill plue of them its not that cheap ;p

But you are right the new ddr3 memory is cheap.

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