The 10 Most Humbling Experiences for a Gamer

Every gamer likes to believe they are the greatest at what they do. They believe they are the Michael Jordan of Halo, the Babe Ruth of Guitar Hero, and the Arnold Palmer of having drinks named after them. In reality, they suck at games just as much as anyone else. Here are 10 of the most humbling things that can happen to a gamer (and chances are they have. Consider this your serving of 'Humble Pie'.

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TheWolfSage2385d ago

Approved for the luls... though I'm happy to say none of these has ever happened to me :3

To be fair I've never played most of them, but still.

Also, when there are (still) players running around specifically knife-killing enemies for the fun of it... not sure that counts as humiliating. More like rage at the screen for one hit kills.

Kleptic2384d ago

I remember people doing that in CoD 4...and i've seen a few already in Bf3...players doing that in CoD 4 could actually end up with considerable kills...

but seeing names in Bf3 like 'ionlyknifeu' and a 1 and 20 kdr...makes it seem like its not the best tactic...and it SUCKS when someone does it to you, but is appropriately awesome when you pull it off...

gaden_malak2385d ago

Very funny. The Demon Souls one is the worst.

HeavenlySnipes2385d ago

I was exploring a world, but I went to far into the place so I literally had to run from every enemy so I wouldn't die. I see a treasure below, and me being an idiot, I try and get it. Needless to say, my 10,000 souls are laying at my death site FAAAAAR into a level I can't even try accessing again because I'd probably die again on the way there.

I've never touched DS since lol

grifter0242384d ago

I can one up that one.

I barely got to undead parish..the bonfire right next to that archer zombie if you play the game you should know which one I'm talking about the one where those guys throw the firebombs over that brdige THAT bonfire.

Well this is my first playthrough and I finally got my first humanity and changed human for the first time so it was a big deal. So I get up from the bonfire and about to explore when I roll (still getting use to the controls) and roll off the bridge 2 inches away from the bonfire.

I didn't play Dark Souls for 2 days because of that.

04soldier2385d ago

That Devil may cry comic had me bawling..

yourgodisdead2385d ago

Getting beaten at Street Fighter by someone who has never played it before is harrowing. Button basher or not.

dski10802385d ago

I looked for a Sonya Blade Sexality like you looked for Mew

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The story is too old to be commented.