Ultimate Marvel v. Capcom 3 Producer Talks eSports, Innovation and Iron Man

MLG recently caught up with UMvC3 producer Ryota Niitsuma to discuss, among other things, what aficionados can expect this time around, competitive gaming in general, and his favorite Marvel character.

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Afrobutt2466d ago

"I’d like to see what we have get better and I’d like better online infrastructure; a lag-free society, so people could really test their own limits and not be hampered by the technology."

This is a very good attitude to have when considering their Western audience. Unlike the massive community in Japan, there's not a large demographic for fighting games in North America. Yet there's enough current that we have prospective competitors who have no way to become more involved in the community. Unless you live in the more fighting-game centered areas like British Columbia, California, or New York you have no arcades to compete in. You only have online competition, and no games have managed to implement a reliable system as of yet. Focusing on this issue is the best strategy Capcom could take for opening up the industry to new and willing consumers.