Spec Ops Survival: The Zombies Mode We Wanted?

With Modern Warfare 3’s release, one of the most anticipated games of the year arrived. Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer games have added on to Spec Ops to build their own Zombies supplement called Survival mode. Ever since the release of World at War in 2008, CoD players have loved Nazi Zombies. Spawning 3 DLC maps throughout 2009, Zombies became a phenomenon. Even after Modern Warfare 2’s release, many gamers, me included, would flock back to WaW for a good game of Zombies. Black Ops gave Zombies the welcome back it deserved. But, how does Survival mode fare against the infamous Zombies?

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GillHarrison2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

Doesn't fare at all. One is 4 player, one is 2. Zombies also has progressively open maps that make you move in order to gain better weapons. Survival Mode is a last minute mode that just uses multiplayer maps and throws NPCs at you.