Microsoft Rumored to Announce Next-Gen Xbox at CES 2012

Today's Xbox 720/Next-Gen Xbox rumor circles around a new potential reveal date.

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Convas2258d ago

Well, if true, those are some pretty hefty specs, considering those of the 360. Though I can't help but feel that in 2 years, even 2GBs will be outdated. I think 3 or 4GBs would be the sweet spot.

Though I imagine devs will do what they have this gen and continue to push and optimize consoles to amazing levels. Can't wait to see what the big dogs can do next gen.

hennessey862258d ago

Is plenty for a console and is nearly four times as much as the 360. They need to keep it affordable.

qwertyz2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

RAM is DIRT CHEAP now 8gb is minumum for the next gen consoles to be a little future proof MS can use 2gb gddr5 and 6gb ddr3(which is DIRT CHEAP) but slower than gddr5

2gb isn't plenty for a console when ps3/360 where supposed to launch with at least 1gb if they did games would look much better

Ryudo2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

For every 2GB of memory Microsoft/Sony adds to there consoles am guessing at bulk price it's going to set the consumer back about $5 for 2GB of extra DDR3 memory.

I don't know about you but me personally I would rather pay an extra $10 for a "future proof" (if such a thing exists) console.

limewax2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

I think 2Gb will suffice, the real question is how much VRAM will the card have to back it up? I dont expect anything near a GTX580 etc, not with how both Sony and MS have said the intend to make a profit from day one this time. But I want at least 1GB VRAM, otherwise there is no way next-gen will get the full use of Dx11

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dark-hollow2257d ago

What part of "rumor" you people dont understand?

kneon2257d ago

Well yes it's a rumor but it's not too far fetched. The specs might be off but the timing makes sense. By announcing at CES (or E3) they can steal some thunder from the Wii U launch. Plus, while Kinect has kept them in the game, it still wasn't enough to stop the PS3 from continuing to close the gap so it may be time for the next console.

blackbirdi2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

2GB is not enough most the developers want at least 8 GB

rickybadman2258d ago

2GB is not enough. At least 4GB, 8GB being optimal

Focus2258d ago

Until ps4 is 2gb, then its more than enough

GamersRulz2258d ago

muahahhahahha, that was so funny

BattleTorn2258d ago

this rumor is kinda old.

I do hope it's true though.

BTW, 2gb ain't enough. Give us at least 4gb (8gb best)

Nodoze2258d ago

I would like to see the next consoles really remove the memory limitations. Put in as much memory as you can. It will not go unused for long. 8GB would be heavenly. Too bad Sony did not have the vision to do this with the PS3. It would have been a 20 year console then.

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The story is too old to be commented.