Atari Classics Come To XBLA In 1080p

The Bitbag writes, "Following through this holiday season will be Tempest, Battlezone, and Warlords. Maintaining the spirit of the original's linear geometric rendering by using vector graphics, the evolved version of the cult-classic Tempest features a graphics overhaul. Using skill and an arsenal of weapons, gamers must clear a web of enemies before time runs out and advance to the next stage."

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Bill Gates3953d ago

.....This is SO NOT TRUE.

The 360 does NOT out put 1080p, and anyone who tries to tell me otherwise is a COMPLETE FOOL, and should really go get a clue.

But than again I know there's a ton of you XBOT BABOONS out there who will die defending your 3FixMe's.

You're all WRONG, and have all been mislead and, BLINDED by the illusion of choice. Too late, and too bad for you BABOONS....AAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHHHH AHHAHA

socomnick3953d ago

LOl bill gates is still in this site. Man I was so exicted I though I read battletoads but its something else.

TrevorPhillips3953d ago

u actually believe that guy is bill gate he wishes we need prove

TrevorPhillips3953d ago

and if that is bill gates how come he has a ps3 tag not a xbox 360 tag doesnt he work for microsoft?? dound strange to you??

razer3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Bill Gates is a one bubble douchebag who spends his life bashing anything 360. The 360 does output at 1080p you flippin moron and the only fool I see here is YOU!

You probably don't even own a color CRT TV let alone a 1080p TV to even know wtf you are talking about.

Ontopic: If this is so exciting why do these games still have huge borders around them and not filling up a full screen?? No thanks.

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