‘Saints Row 3′ Review [Game Rant]

Game Rant's John Jaques writes: "Is ‘Saints Row 3′, the boldest and craziest installment in the series yet or is this venture to Steelport so over the top that the game’s mechanics completely fall apart? Read our review."

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Kran2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )


A 3.5? hmmm... Not a bad score for a game but im gonna assume gamers may have expected a better score? Lets see how this turns out.

rabidpancakeburglar2220d ago

Gamers have a better score. Most scores have been about 8-9 out of 10.

WetN00dle692220d ago

This is the second low score review i have seen. Two low scores among 9 and 10's. I guess thats fine. This fool must be mad cause there was no annoying cousin calling him every 2 minutes.

Johandevries2219d ago

Or a gay employer getting mad and trying to bitch slap you because of his love for coke

Grimhammer002220d ago

Oh come on! I assume you all have seen the trailers. Chracters look bad. Plasticky.

Screen tearing and framerate drops seem plentiful too.

2220d ago
WetN00dle692220d ago

No, i think its just you.

FordGTGuy2220d ago

You do realize this is Saints Row and not GTA right?

It's not supposed to completely look realistic or play realistic.

KidMakeshift2220d ago

Really hoping there's a black friday or cyber monday deal for this