Top 10 Worst Video Game Peripherals

In the last few months gamers have seen quite a few peripherals hit retailers: Ace Combat 6's flight stick, Guitar Hero III's guitar, The Wii Zapper and most recently Rock Band's smorgasbord of instruments. So NewsPail got to thinking - What were the all time worst peripherals they have purchased and played with?

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BMspace3883d ago

Piece of crap never worked for me anyway.

Vip3r3883d ago

The xband video reminds me of the GTA:VC radio adverts taking the piss out of the old games consoles.

Darkiewonder3883d ago

Man. that gameboy printer and camera was dope.

It didn't have a real use but it was nice to just print out faceshots and random things!

Astro3883d ago

The Suckaxis..... I mean Sixaxis should be considered as one of the worst game peripherals.

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The story is too old to be commented.