PSU: The top 10 ways for gamers to save money

The U.S. economy is in a recession. People are still losing jobs, out of work, or seeing their hours cut back. However, it isn’t just the United States in trouble, the world economy is suffering quite badly as well.

With the global economic status out of whack, people now have a reason more than ever to save money on purchases and for rainy days. Gamers are included, even this time during the holidays in which hit titles are released.

Thus, here are 10 ways for a gamer to save money not only during the holidays, but throughout their entire gaming life.

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thebudgetgamer2439d ago

That's what I'm talking about.

Stuart57562439d ago

Point 2 is the same as point 9, here's a money saver, don't buy day 1, but month 2, it's bettr than half price on most games.

zeousPP32439d ago

Its always best to buy around the holiday seasons aswell. The prices are usually about 30% cheaper.

ironfist922438d ago

Wait for the GOTY/Complete/Ultimate Edition.