GOTY 2011 Nominee - Uncharted 3 writes: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception has received a fair bit of flack as of late. The first two games in the Uncharted series didn't seem to receive the same lukewarm commentary surrounding the game's cinematic direction, which makes the third game's mixed gamer reaction rather perplexing.

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Misterhbk2435d ago

By a landslide Uncharted 3 is my personal GOTY. Haven't played a game that I enjoyed so much since the last Uncharted. I know the other games that are nominated are all great game and I don't say this to take anything away from them, but Uncharted 3 is a classic game. Well done Naughty Dog, hats off.

Boody-Bandit2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

I just completed UC3 today. Was busy and didn't start it until Yesterday. At first I was like yeah this is Uncharted and its about as great as I expected it would be but by the time I got to the 6 chapter I was so hooked I barely slept last night because I wanted to finish it straight through.

When I got to chapter 20 my jaw was literally on the floor, the 20TH CHAPTER and I was still being blown away even more than the previous chapters that already blew me away! That is just how insane this game is. I told a friend today if I could only use one word to describe this game it would simply be "MASTERPIECE".

I thought UC2 was going the be the pinnacle but this game raised the bar in every way. I love the fighting mechanics. Easily my favorite series of this generation.

ABizzel12435d ago

I'm about half way through it, and I'm trying to focus completely on the negatives, and so far there have been a few most of which are extremely minor, but I still feel they should have waited until 2012 for Uncharted 3, it would have gave them more time to make the best game of this console generation vs. what so far is a great game.

I'm on the ship graveyard where the pirates swarm from everywhere (I think Chapter 12) how are things from there (no spoilers please).

DonaldBeck2435d ago

uncharted 4 drakes rewards.

Ezio20482435d ago

good 1 mate...
just love this series!!!
UC3...GOTY 2011!

ps3bestever2435d ago

Uncharted 3 will be game of the year from MMGN acording to the article !

kma2k2435d ago

Its got my vote! Only games left are skyrim & AC:Revalations IMO, but a lot of people dont think yearly ac should be up for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.