The week's news in Photoshops: Mass Effect 3 leaks, The Simpsons arcade comes home, and more

Samir Torres recaps last week's biggest gaming news with hilarious Photoshopped images. In this edition, Bioware teases a new game, Batman: Arkham City PC gets delayed, and Capcom loses faith in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

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Tolkoto2470d ago

Simpsons Arcade was my favorite as a kid. Can't wait to play it again.

vilatimir2470d ago

Agreed! Great fun. I remember playing it a lot at a roller skating rink back when that was cool. Not sure if people even do that anymore to tell you the truth?

THR1LLHOUSE2470d ago

Funny stuff!

BUT, isn't Barry Allen alive again? It's hard to keep track of this stuff.

NagaSotuva2470d ago

My tokens are on Professor X. Look at that f***er go!

Sadie21002470d ago

Isn't that BioWare game just Rage?