PlayStation 3's Sorcery Isn't Dead

The PlayStation Team here at IGN gets a lot of questions from readers. A lot. One of the more common ones is about the PlayStation 3 game Sorcery. Originally shown at E3 2010 as a promising title utilizing PlayStation Move, all has been quiet about Sorcery ever since. Is the game still coming? Is it stuck in development hell? Or -- worse yet -- was it outright cancelled?

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Pacman3212469d ago

Great news, looks like it could be the Move's best game.

disturbing_flame2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

If it's just an action game, i don't feel it's gonna be rewarded by great reviews.

If the game is more an RPG like Zelda with tons of minigames, a solo exprience runing on 20-30 hours, a good scenario, an ambitious game, i think it can manage to become a great PS3 game. Otherwise it will be cool but not exceptional.

I think Sony with this game must take some risk, like they did with Heavy Rain and propose something surprising with this game.

For the moment i'm skeptical, but who knows...

miyamoto2469d ago

Well said I am sick and tired of Sony publishing lots of wasted opportunities with their IPs.
Why wont they cover the best of both the younger and older world of gamers?

If they stick to the mature end of the gaming spectrum they are loosing a lot in the so called Nintendo demographic department. This gives Mario literally No Competition.

This makes the PS3 system so incomplete for those who can afford only one system.

kma2k2469d ago

I was excited for dead mans quest & wasnt to excited with the demo. Im still holding out excitement for sorcery. Come on sony make me stop regretting buying the move, please!

Blackdeath_6632469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

i dont think sony have pushed the move far enough they should of went hard on the advertising to get as many ppl to buy and also release as many games. ive predicted this was gonna happen wich is why i held back from buying psmove at release. the move wasnt enough for me to try out motion sensing. all things aside though the move was successful for it was and the target sony had tried to reach was exceeded in terms of sales.

manman62469d ago

This game would make me buy the Move.

sorceror1712469d ago

Why go completely stealth up to now?

Ddouble2468d ago

I think they saw the positive reactions it got after E3 and decided to make it more killer app, less tech demo.