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Submitted by acronkyoung 1478d ago | opinion piece

What is the purpose of a video-game review?

Are video-game reviews merely buyer's guides, or should we expect more thought-provoking examinations of the titles we love? (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Culture, Nier, PC, PS3, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Xbox 360)

Tolkoto  +   1478d ago
I think it largely depends on if you want to read a review before or after you've bought and played a game.
Sadie2100  +   1478d ago
It also depends on the writer or magazine/website, obviously. Some are more consumer focused...
MariaHelFutura  +   1478d ago
To generate hits for your website.....
Ezio2048  +   1478d ago
we better ask this from Honest Gamers and AVClub...;)
vilatimir  +   1478d ago
I'd say it's to know what's good or not.
iamnsuperman  +   1478d ago
"If reviews are just meant to be buyer's guides, then what is the point of taking the time and spending the energy to write one? I never want anybody to spend money they will regret, but just remember that reviews are written by people".

I admit that makes sense but what is the point of writing a review that doesn't appeal to everyone. What is the point of having reviews based on one person's opinion. Why should I read what some thinks. Opinion pieces/features are there for that. But a review is informing your readers about a new game. Personal opinion shouldn't come into it (well as much as humanly possible). What really annoys me is when reviewers ignore the faults because the parts they like are great. Its less of a review but more an opinion piece. Its a problem the gaming journalism industry really needs to get out of. Reviews are buyers guides. The consumer looks at them to get a better understanding on where there money is going and if it is worth it.
THR1LLHOUSE  +   1478d ago
"Reviews are buyers guides"

But they don't have to be...and I don't think they all *should* be. Not all book reviews are about if you should buy the book. It's awful boring just to read stuff that's nothing but buyer's guide, and if game journalism does head down that path completely, then I think it will lose a lot of the legitimacy that (some) people are striving for.
THR1LLHOUSE  +   1478d ago
People *say* they want more thoughtful analysis, but I think what they actually want is either "YES BUY THIS/NO DON'T BUY THIS" or "YES, YOU ARE SMART FOR BUYING THIS/YES, YOU ARE SMART FOR NOT BUYING THIS."
bobrea  +   1478d ago
What is the purpose of this article?
bozebo  +   1478d ago
TBH MW3 only deserves 9/10 because CoD4 deserves 9/10.

So yes, I agree, it's a good game... and I can see how it could end up earning a high review score. But on another point, they are just selling the same thing again for full price. So it should be given 5/10 or even 1/10 as a matter of justice.

As a buyers guide, any review that doesn't say it's worthless is lieing.
As a metric of how good the game is, sure. It is good, 8/10, 9/10... fine.

Anybody who bought MW2 should have been given MW3, it's basically just a patch and some minor new content. Such new content that is of a lesser scale than the free content that is/will be released for many games, recent examples being The Witcher 2 and Killing Floor. The CoDs before MW2 even had free map packs on PC, and the maps are the only workload-intensive content that is even in MW3 because most of it is ripped from MW2 and MW1)
vortis  +   1478d ago
Bubbles for common sense. Completely agreed.

I know a lot of fantards just want "mah kilz! lulz!"

But the truth of the matter is that you hit the nail on the head: MW3 is glorified DLC. However, as a buyer's guide, it should be pointed out that the game is only worth full price if you HAVE NOT played Modern Warfare 1. But then again, who is going to buy MW3 if they haven't played MW1?

The problem is that, as you mentioned, it's a competently made game but a rehash, so reviewers have to take these things into consideration and I don't think a lot of them have.
iLL_Ranger  +   1478d ago
I don't really know. But imagine not having any reviews of games. Then I'd be sitting here thinking "I wish someone would purchase the game, try it out, and write me a quick sum-up of the pro's n con's and give me a convenient score like 8/10 or 9/10 of how much they enjoyed/disliked the game."

Or you could just watch game-play on youtube and decide for yourself. I currently enjoy both though so keep em coming!

Unicron  +   1478d ago
Or we could do away with scoring and make them use their big boy words to describe the game... just a thought.
NagaSotuva  +   1478d ago
I don't read reviews, but I do feel better buying a game that got 90+ out of 100. So stupid.

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