What is the purpose of a video-game review?

Are video-game reviews merely buyer's guides, or should we expect more thought-provoking examinations of the titles we love?

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Tolkoto2465d ago

I think it largely depends on if you want to read a review before or after you've bought and played a game.

Sadie21002465d ago

It also depends on the writer or magazine/website, obviously. Some are more consumer focused...

MariaHelFutura2465d ago

To generate hits for your website.....

Ezio20482465d ago

we better ask this from Honest Gamers and AVClub...;)

vilatimir2465d ago

I'd say it's to know what's good or not.

iamnsuperman2465d ago

"If reviews are just meant to be buyer's guides, then what is the point of taking the time and spending the energy to write one? I never want anybody to spend money they will regret, but just remember that reviews are written by people".

I admit that makes sense but what is the point of writing a review that doesn't appeal to everyone. What is the point of having reviews based on one person's opinion. Why should I read what some thinks. Opinion pieces/features are there for that. But a review is informing your readers about a new game. Personal opinion shouldn't come into it (well as much as humanly possible). What really annoys me is when reviewers ignore the faults because the parts they like are great. Its less of a review but more an opinion piece. Its a problem the gaming journalism industry really needs to get out of. Reviews are buyers guides. The consumer looks at them to get a better understanding on where there money is going and if it is worth it.

THR1LLHOUSE2465d ago

"Reviews are buyers guides"

But they don't have to be...and I don't think they all *should* be. Not all book reviews are about if you should buy the book. It's awful boring just to read stuff that's nothing but buyer's guide, and if game journalism does head down that path completely, then I think it will lose a lot of the legitimacy that (some) people are striving for.

THR1LLHOUSE2465d ago

People *say* they want more thoughtful analysis, but I think what they actually want is either "YES BUY THIS/NO DON'T BUY THIS" or "YES, YOU ARE SMART FOR BUYING THIS/YES, YOU ARE SMART FOR NOT BUYING THIS."

bobrea2465d ago

What is the purpose of this article?

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