GK | Bodycount Review

Bodycount introduces players to The Network, an off-the-cards organisation hell-bent on stamping out crime and resolving world conflict. As the initiative’s top operative, you must travel the globe, silencing targets and gathering valuable intel. While the set-up packs promise, the game’s detached characters and lack of interesting weaponry mean it doesn’t quite hit the target.

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ZippyZapper2471d ago

This game is not a 7, more like a 2.

Fylus2471d ago

I agree. I don't mean to sound harsh, and I still respect what the game tries to do, but this was by far the worst game I've played this generation. As far as the campaign went, it was just another generic 6 hour FPS with TERRIBLE controls, and a mediocre story.

Grimhammer002471d ago

I enjoyed it. I platted it as its easy...if you can find people online. Which you won't now.

7/10 from me.