Feeling lonely in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

By not implementing four player co-op, 343 Industries has made Halo a less enjoyable social experience.

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Tolkoto2438d ago

I don't know, I've never really been a big fan of Halo's shoe-horned co-op.

THR1LLHOUSE2438d ago

I think maintaining the advances made in the series isn't really what 343 was going for with this game...aside from the graphics.

They were probably more concerned with keeping vanilla Halo 1 in tact, especially with the way they're running the original and the HD version at the same time.

MasterD9192437d ago

This is a trip I don't mind going solo on anyways...

Plus- everyone else on my friends list is too busy with MW3 or BF3 to want to play with me.

Sadie21002437d ago

I wonder if the developers thought the campaign balance wouldn't be right for a four-player game. But still, that would be fun as heck. A lot of the levels are certainly big enough.

NagaSotuva2437d ago

No 4-plater co-op sucks, but I wasn't expecting it anyway.

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