120° Can Overhyping a Game Lead to Disaster?

Sometimes when a community overhypes themselves ( or the industry over hypes it), we damage the final appeal of the product. In this article, we take a look at one reviewers outlook on the subject.

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Trainz2320d ago

I still laugh at all the people who hated me for saying brink will suck c*ck before its release.
I hope they all bought it day 1.

bozebo2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Yeah lol.

I always seem to judge games really well too. I can usually tell if I am going to like a game or not from about 1min of gameplay footage, some developer/publisher propoganda at E3 or something (u can hear the doubt in their voices lol) and a few screenshots. I always find a way to have a try of a game that I suspected of being bad, incase it's actually great and I miss out or something... as of yet, I havn't needed to reverse an opinion.

On another note... BF3 is everything I thought it was going to be, except obviously they didn't show off the bugs (though every DICE game is super buggy so it's no surprise).

The article is pretty stupid:
"Citing Battlefield 3’s single player as a disappointment"
People buy BF for the multiplayer, moving on...

"The multiplayer was criticized for having server and connectivity issues as well as it being absent from Steam-Valve’s online storefront for PC games"
That has nothing to do with the actual gameplay.

"It didn’t have what gamers “demanded” so it automatically fails to meet expectations in the eyes of gamers"
What? There was never any hype stirred up by rumours or promotions of a bugless game that doesn't need Origin and works properly. Seeing as they are the only 3 problems the author of the article is capable of conjuring I am not sure what his point is. Personally, I demanded that it have better gunplay, vehicles and maps and it delivered on all 3 fronts better than I could have imagined. (from having sucky 3rd rate gunplay in BC2 to some of the best gunplay in any game ever)

Anyway, no. Overhyping a game cannot hurt that game itself but it may hurt other games in the series' future. If anything, Overhyping can only help a game's sales - like DNF (which I knew looked like turd on a stick all along yet my flatmates all still bought it day 1 lol)

If it is hype for a game that just turns out to be trash like Brink then if they make a Brink 2 - it will not sell, even if it is a masterpiece of a game; it simply wouldn't sell.

But then again, developers know that. If they wanted to do something similar but correctly, they would rebrand it.