The 21 Worst Games Of The 21st Century takes a look at what it believes are 21 of the very worst games of the 21st century, for varying reasons. You won't agree with all of them, but some might make you laugh.

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TnS3738d ago

Charlie’s Angels
0.5/10 –
“The best thing I can say about it is that it never crashed.”


MK_Red3738d ago

lol, good one.
The way that some members just randomly click disagree button is not as funny is it used to be (2 disagrees for what!?).

As for the list, I don't think Marvel Nemesis belongs there. Sure, it's not a great game or something but definitly not among the worsts.

Mr PS33738d ago

All these games mentioned (well with the exeption of bommerman)Are way better than Halo 3

Hypnotic3738d ago

For being one of the worst games it sure is selling a lot. That's weird.

chitown3738d ago

why do u have to act like such a fu(kin little fanboy?? get a life u loser

halo 3 is an amazing game BTW folks

dont let ur inner fan boys blur ur judgement

InMyOpinion3738d ago

I actually enjoyed Galleon, but it took a while to get to grips with the weird controls.

Astro3738d ago

Lair should be there.

Vip3r3738d ago

Along with Hour of Victory.

Kleptic3738d ago

agreed...both those titles were toilet floaters...

and I don't think Manhunt should have been on that list...the first half of the game at least did have a very new take on stealth gameplay...and although the second half turned more into a pointless run and gun action still overall is decent...a decent game shouldn't be included in a list of the 21 worst games of this century...

SpinalRemains1383738d ago

who really cares what the worst games are?? Not like were gonna go buy em. And as for portal runner; ya know some games are for children and shouldn't be judged with other top notch games

M_Prime3738d ago

Well a lot of people were hyped up for DRIV3R including me..lucky it didn't come to the GC so i didn't buy it.. cause i loved DRIVER and DRIVER2

some games were a lil surprising on that list.. and some i just read what was written cause it was something that seemed interesting but not good enough to buy.. so lucky me.. i avoided all these..

Skerj3738d ago

Puts things in perspective when you say a game is the worst game you've ever played. ..then you look at that list.

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The story is too old to be commented.