Primed & Ready: Ready to Rumble!

Default Prime's Tom Peeters takes a look at fighting games and the role they've played in his life as he grew up. "I’ve always taken pleasure in anything to do with fighting; whether it be Karate, Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, or a simple bar brawl, the sight of two (or more) men getting it on with their bare fists was always a fascinating one. I’ve indulged in these pleasures of the flesh both actively and passively. I suppose that’s mostly a guy thing, though some girls might enjoy kicking some butt as well. All of this started out at a young age, watching kids’ TV shows like Power Rangers. When the show was over, me and my brother had to duke it out, resulting in many a bloodied nose and other injuries. At the time we were also playing Double Dragon III on the old trusty NES and daaaaamn did we kick some butt! "

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