University of Michigan links TV and video game violence to real violence

It seems like the debate on video game and TV violence and its effects has reached proportions we've only seen in the climate-change communities lately. Another distinguished professor, L. Rowell Huesmann has published a study, conducted at the University of Michigan, confirming the violence to violence link in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

Huesmann's study suggest that on-screen violence does have a strong correlation to violent behavior in adolescents and in adults. The study reviewed more than fifty years of research on the effects of media violence. "The research clearly shows that exposure to virtual violence increases the risk that both children and adults will behave aggressively," said Huesmann.

"Children are also spending an increasingly large amount of time playing video games, most of which contain violence. Video game units are now present in 83 percent of homes with children," Huesmann added.

Huesmann's article states that children in the United States typically spend three to four hours a day watching television. Better than sixty percent of these television programs contain violence, and around forty percent of those, heavy violence.

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Omegasyde3884d ago

Ok Prof.

Please explain how the Japanese Culture which has just as much, if more, violence in media has less than 50 murders a year in the whole country.

titntin3884d ago

The japanese live by a different set of cultural rules than we do, and what applies in western culture, does not necessarily apply for their culture.

Enjoying violent games and films as I do, my urge is to ridicule and not believe such connections. When I was a teenager (25 years ago now I'm afraid to say), I would definately have thrown the notion out and believed it was not true.

But having seen society change and observed the world for some time with an adults perspective, my unshakeable faith has been shaken, and I cannot deny that the constant exposure to violent media DOES effect some people, and I believe there's merit in what the guy is saying.

I'm not one for censorship, but I can't deny what I have plainly observed in my own lifetime either! Whats the answer? I've no idea, but tryign to measure the effect and talk impartially about it is a good first step, and I DO believe that the age regulations on games should be applied better in all countries.... Gee, I must be getting old to be saying that! :)

Interpol Agent3884d ago

Violence has been around since the humans started to think

ForTheFallen3884d ago

But I don't see a fix.
So I'll continue to virtually shoot the living crap out of someone else.

crippler6663884d ago

... that yes violence in movies and games can give a person an idea of how to commit a crime, to say it is responsible removes the responsibility of the person themselves.

People imitate what they see, but they still make the choice of what they imitate. Otherwise after the release of The Matrix wouldn't most of America have gone postal and wiped themselves out?

The people to blame are the people themselves, their fantasies may have been fed by the media with ideas on how and what with, but they were the ones to make the final choice of carrying the crime out.

IMO the only people hurt by these reports are the victims families, as in the end it will be another excuse for why the perpetrator gets away with a crime, because as a kid he played a game that made him go out and kill / maim someone.

Mikey_Gee3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

like watch the many many other forms of media that FORCE violence down your throat on a day to day basis.

I love when folks look for scape-goats. Religions in general tells stories with a pretty good chunk of violance ... let's start pointing fingers that way for a while since we are at it.

he is probably a supporting member of www.crazy$ and has a HD full of scat vids.

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