Skyrim Golden Claw/Dragon Claw Puzzle Guide

Fellow Nords and Ladies, are the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim puzzles confusing you? Did you just want to kill more Druaga and get past the annoying gates? Are you tired of getting arrows fired at you from walls or fire burning you every time you get a puzzle wrong? If so, this article is specifically for you!

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Enmson2351d ago

i did this by random and it worked lol

icewater852351d ago

This was very easy for me. You have to pay attention to what you pick up.

Johnny_Cojones2351d ago

People had trouble with this? Pahahah

Superted20072351d ago

Seriously there is a dedicated guide to the simplest puzzle in the game in the beginner dungeon? wow...

The only thing difficult about it was figuring out how to rotate and zoom on an item in your inventory in the pc version...dunno why the hell they decided to make it the auto-run button and inform no one!

KingOfArcadia2350d ago

The only problem I had with this was a glitch - I couldn't get the rings to turn in the door that unlocks with the claw. However knowing how these things go, I ran all the way out, waited about a day in-game, went back in and tried it again and, voila!