Walmart offers free game & remote with PS3

Buy any PS3 at and get a free game of your choice (includes Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank Future, more) and a free official Sony Blu-ray remote. $399, plus five free Blu-ray movies by mail.

Price is valid today only.

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Mr PS33887d ago

And what do Xbox offer

Close_Second3887d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Amazing how many time PS3 fanboys keep referring to the RROD syndrome. Its almost like listening to a broken record.

Anyway, the 360 deal in NZ is incredible at this stage. You get the premium console for $649 N(NZD) and it comes with 3 games (Forza 2, Viva Pinata and Skate). The PS3 on the other hand is $799 (NZD) and comes with Need for Speed Pro Street.

Both are good deals (not great deals).

@below...I'm not a fanboy and have never commented on the software situation on the PS3. Can't understand why so many people disagree with my comment since the deals I outlined are real.

ExLivingGhost3887d ago

yea and how even more amazing that xbox fanboys aka xbots keeps repeating the PS3 has no games syndrome when it actually has games its almost like listening to a broken record LOL

Bubble Buddy3887d ago

lmao forza two and viva pinata are soo good games (sarcasm). and skate is good. 360 does have rrod u hafta admit, when u get it, it pisses u off, but ps3 does have games now, it has a lower price, what else u gonna hate? its black? 360 elite. HDMI, elite copied that, blu-ray? it'll prove its worth in the future.

Mwaan3886d ago

How about this one? Free game system inside Blueray player! Only $399!!! Serioulsy, is Sony shipping millions of these things or are stores having a hard time getting rid of them? Holiday sales numbers should be interesting indeed.

The Killer3886d ago

xbox 360 fans
1) xrots
2) xrats

please help me to choose one of them to name them from now on with this names!!

thats what i think!
xrats sounds more cooler then xrots but xrots sounds more like the truth about the rotten RROD of 360!!

lawman11083886d ago

Walmart must look like this Best Buy last Saturday, I think the Fire department was going to close the store because these door stops were taking up so much space.

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sonarus3887d ago

lol at mr ps3. Dats a reallly good deal for ps3 way better than free controller especially when you can choose any game you want. How long does this run for?

SIX3887d ago

If I didn't have one already I would totally be on this.

Omegasyde3887d ago

Wow I know 5 free movies and 1 free game + spiderman 3? O and a remote..

That's over a $150 (US dollars) savings to the consumer. What a deal. It almost beats AOL's deal in the UK.

ruibing3887d ago

Damn, I already have a PS3. This deal should have been available during black friday.

fredy3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

articles did not count>?

Will I see you PS3 baboons cry over xbox 360 deal articles? for which are different depending on the retailer...

kurochi3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

no, but I cried a little when I see people buy that ugly Halo 3 edition of 360 that MS is selling. The white/black ones are better looking... LOL

Freaking fanboys....

Gordii3887d ago

Makes me wish i waited for my ps3 but on one hand i got the best on the 60 Gig i just upgraded the Harddrive. Although this would be perfect for parents to buy for their kids. Very nicely done.

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