8.5 Reviews inFamous: Festival of Blood

TerminalGamer writes: Developer Sucker Punch Productions wants you to step back into New Marais after dark with inFamous 2: Festival of Blood. Should you leave this downloadable standalone game to the vampire slayers out there, or should you jump in and help out? Are you ready to put aside your worst nightmares and put a stop to the new threat? Read our review to find out.

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ftwrthtx2319d ago

I really want to try this with the PS Move

badz1492318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

and I understand the frustration of many reviewers regarding this! it's a great game but many desire it to be longer! I can understand the length because it's under $10 but man...I also wish it to be longer and charge $15 like R&C QfB was!

oh and there are quite some UGC that are awesome! given the right tools (although kinda limited for this game compared to LBP for example) people come out with some creative stuff! I'm enjoying the UGC so far and props to those who dedicate their time for it! you guys ROCK!

ftwrthtx2318d ago

The UGC is what this was created for I think.

For $10 it gives you the ability to create your own missions and share them with everyone else. This then adds to the people who want to create, but don't want to drop 60 bucks for inFamous 2

badz1492318d ago

If I think back about it, you're kinda right, although you can find infamous 2 for like $30 - $40 nowadays. this gives more option for UGC especially the comic style cutscenes! man...totally love it!

kc_chang2319d ago

Playing with the PlayStation Move, it feels great.

Sizzon2319d ago

I must get this, just haven't got time & money.

Trainz2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Does this have any tie-ins with the infamous 2?
Because I haven't played either.

2319d ago
badz1492318d ago

it's a standalone PSN game

sorceror1712318d ago

I'm a lefty, so Move without a navigation controller is... awkward. Have to play it again w/Move after xmas.