Kevin Butler's Hall of Play - 2nd Wave Videos

"Kevin Butler continues his new Hall of Play campaign with yet another wave of videos. We have four more videos of KB commemorating the accomplishments of real life gamers. In these videos you’ll see how he gets his boogey on with himself and dons an epic average guy outfit. He even has one that’s only for a mature audience, is this a first for Kevin Butler?? Check em all out below."

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360ICE2385d ago

First one was great :D
Glad to see KB's still got it.

Misterhbk2385d ago

Yeah, the 'party' ad was hilarious! Lol, keep em comin KB!

WhiteLightning2385d ago

OMG he's just great...

Please some one make a one off 6 part sitcom of him in a fictional Sony office block where he's in charge.

The Office + The IT Crowd + Kevin Butler = WIN