Skyrim – Acquiring the Daedric Artifact of the Black or Azura’s Star

"Dragonborns who are seeking powerful artifacts that they can use for their equipments can find the sixteen Daedric Artifacts that are scattered throughout the game.

Each of the artifacts in Skyrim will require you in doing a side mission. While it may sound easy, each of these quests has a requirement in order for you to trigger that quest. Some of the quests that will reward you a Daedric Artifact will require you to be at specific level as some of the bosses you will face will be hard."

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DA_SHREDDER2437d ago

this game is soooooooo good. Played it for 2 days straight and didn't even put a dent in it.


same here... I don't know where the time has gone but I have spent the last two days just collecting books.

this game is insane!!!

Best game this year, possibly best game this gen so far.

Coffin872436d ago

Fully agree with you two. Last 3 days were Skyrim, sleep, eat something, Skyrim.

But why the hell are tips to get some unique items "Video Game NEWS"??? I hate this.
These are tips on how to do some stuff. Not NEWS. Goddammit.
Who wants to read those anyways?? Full of spoilers.

Legion2436d ago


It wasn't listed as "Video Game NEWS". It was labeled as simply an Article. Which is what it is.

Heartnet2436d ago

if ur idea of goty is collection books for 2 days then wow u belong in a libary :)

princejb1342436d ago

i have a question
i want to buy this game but
i didn't enjoy oblivion do you think i would enjoy this?

noprin2436d ago

skyrim is lot better than oblivion but the core game-play is the same,so if you didn't like oblivion then you shouldn't buy it.

Perjoss2436d ago

"this game is soooooooo good. Played it for 2 days straight and didn't even put a dent in it."

I bet you have quite a few dents in your helmet though! hm, or maybe I should word that differently, you know what I don't have time, I need to get back to Skyrim, bye!

inveni02437d ago

Good != Amount of Content... But it sure seems that way. One night, I spent 1.5 hours just arranging things in my house in Whiterun. I've got 20 hours in this game, and I've only done three main quests.

My only problem now is that I can't find my horse......

Jacks_Medulla2437d ago

If you fast travel to a major city, your horse should be in the stable outside(unless it is dead).

inveni02437d ago

I didn't think they could die. I read in an article somewhere to let your horse take a beating from dragons while you kill them... Mine must have been injured when it finally escaped and got killed by something else, then.

Jacks_Medulla2436d ago

My first horse(which I paid $1000 for) was killed about 30 minutes after I bought it. If it's not at the stables, it is likely dead.

RedDead2436d ago

Horses die, they retreat when injured but if they don't get the chance to run away. Dead

SwampCroc2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

yeah if you own a horse or if you have taken a horse.. whenever you fast travel it usually pops up with you..

I have witnessed that creatures cannot kill the horse or atleast they have killed one yet. they seem like pretty tough bastards... Dragons or whatever.. the horse is definitely good for drawing their attention...

However, you can kill your the horse.. Fall or jump to far and he'll die and you'll fly off of him. and I shot my horse with some healthy doses of Lightning last night... so he his no more. I watched him die... I stole that bitch from a farm anyway... I don't need no horse..

Argonian LvL 16 - Fire/Lightning Mage... 38 Hours, 8 Dragons Slain.

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Graey2436d ago

Yes if your horse is dead and you have the funds you can buy a new one. They will always cost 1000 gold. Also there are 2 special horses in the game. The one with red eyes has more hp and is harder to kill. However if he dies then you can't get him back.

Ive killed 2 horses already, one more and I can consider it a sport lol.

I have a house in whiterun completely furnished, however I really want a bigger house. And I want the mannequins so i can put my gear on them. House is just not big enough.

Perjoss2436d ago

"One night, I spent 1.5 hours just arranging things in my house in Whiterun"

What amazes me is that even something as simple as arranging stuff into your house chests or doing some blacksmithing and alchemy is still SO much fun.

It doesn't seem fair that some games are 6 to 8 hours long (they are still very good) are priced in the same price range as a game like Skyrim. Not that I want to give them any funny ideas but I'd gladly pay double price for a game I know I will spend 100+ hours with my jaw on the floor the whole time.

inveni02436d ago

Yeah, it's crazy. There are some things that could be done to make it a little more engrossing, but that's why I bought it on PC--mods, baby.

eak32435d ago

how do you re-arrange your house? Is Whiterun the only property you can buy?

inveni02435d ago

I think Whiterun is the cheapest (5000 gold), but I know that other cities have homes, too. Solitude, for instance, has a home for 25,000 gold.

As for rearranging, you can upgrade your house. You can also move the knickknacks of the upgrades around to suit your needs. I also like to dedicate certain storage compartments for certain types of items.

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JsonHenry2437d ago

Crap, I had no idea I had a choice on who could fix it. Dang it! I got stuck with the black star. Still useful, but not as useful. :/

WeedyOne2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Actually from what i have heard the black star is considered more useful because you can easily fill it up with bandits or other easy to find, easy to kill hominoids. Where as if you wanted to fill up the Azura star you would have to kill one of the larger harder creatures to fill it up.

JsonHenry2437d ago

Oh, the explanation in this article made it sound like anything could fill up the star as long as it had a soul, but the black star could only fill up on humanoids.

Captain Qwark 92437d ago

you may kill more humanoids but there are fewer grand souls from humanoids i bet, where as a giant is prob a grand soul and there easier as pie to find. and petty souls are good for recharging but if you want o enchant unstoppable gear, you def need grand.

just my 2 cents i could be way off the mark though so dont quote me on anything

WeedyOne2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

@ JsonHenry and Captain Quark 9

The reason the black star is considere so good is because ALL humanoids have a grand soul and most are an easy kill.

Captain Qwark 92436d ago

oh snaps, thats awesome. didnt know that, thanks man. im def getting the black star.

SignifiedSix2436d ago

Already have Azura's star. Already beat the main quest and already beat the quests for the dark brotherhood :P lol.

Time to make my way to the thieves guild! :D

Graey2436d ago

Quick question

does the dark brotherhood questline give you any nice leather outfits? I really want a sneaky all black assassin outfit, was curious if i went through the story line would they have them.

SignifiedSix2436d ago

You get their outfit as soon as you join. It enhances sneak A LOT! ;)
I suggest upgrading the light armor and sneak perks while in the dark brotherhood :)

Happy human hunting! :D

eak32435d ago

You'll like the Theives Guild quests, just started on them. Good sneak, lockpicking and pick pocketing a must.

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