Rock Band Drum Mod

The banging of your Rock Band drum kit waking the neighbors? Check out this easy mod to help silence that banging.

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ejmonkey33886d ago

that hardly seems

ejmonkey33886d ago

that hardly seems

The Killer3886d ago

xbox 360 fans
1) xrots
2) xrats

please help me to choose one of them to name them from now on with this names!!

thats what i think!
xrats sounds more cooler then xrots but xrots sounds more like the truth about the rotten RROD of 360!!

TVC153886d ago

yes, because that is totally relevant to Rock Band, a multiplattform game.

Mikey_Gee3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

... you are an idiot !!

But then again I guess at your age of 10, we were all kind of stupid.

eLiNeS3886d ago

and - a (__) or two or all of them for that fact, I am sure PS3 fanboys would agree as well.

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TVC153886d ago

bleh I didn't preorder Rock Band so I have to wait till December 9.

KidMakeshift3886d ago

Who else hates the Rock Band guitar? The guitar looks really nice but the strum bar is over sensitive but extremely stiff and the button placement is really awkward. I can't get use to it.

judd3885d ago

I agree. The strum bar is extremely stiff and I tried to strum on it like i do with Guitar Hero and I was doing horrible. Once I realized that it was extra sensitive and I barely had to push it, I started doing a little bit better, but I am still not used to it. I have been playing Rock Band for the drum and vocals, and switching to Guitar Hero when I want to do guitar.