PS3 Install Size For AC Revelations Isn’t 3.8GB; It’s More

The PlayStation 3 install size for Assassin’s Creed Revelations was recently unveiled by several outlets with the size cited being 3.8GB. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case as the actual install size is exceeds that of 3.8GB.

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jazzking20012315d ago

Wasn't expecting it to be that large.

bruddahmanmatt2315d ago

"As seen by the image below via our copy of the game, Assassin’s Creed Revelations PlayStation 3 install size is 4381MB, which is nearly 4.4GB:"

Oooooh wow OMG almost another gig. At least now folks don't have to click on a link to a lame website desperate for hits. An extra 600MB of space required for an install isn't "news".

ZombieAssassin2315d ago

I'm not surprised I think the Ps3 version has Ac1 on disc and that game had a pretty good sized installed I believe.

ELite_Ghost2315d ago

"Wasn't expecting it to be that large."

that's what she said ;)

rdgneoz32315d ago

You haven't heard that before, have you? :P

psb2315d ago

why you require to do such big installations. I only have a 160 GIG PS3 and it's burning out of space fast

princejb1342315d ago

its cause of the slow loading speeds if the blu ray
remember sony put the blu ray in its early stages on the ps3
but is not a problem bro, just do what i do, erase the games you don't play no more or won't in a long time

Vortex3D2315d ago

Some PS3 games have proven if well optimized for Blu-ray disc loading, it can overcome the slow BD drive. But cross platform games rarely get well optimized for disc loading.

Just save the development time and dump the entire game on the hard drive. It's not Ubisoft's problem if gamer's hard drive is full or have to buy a larger hard drive.

So the real problem is Ubisoft. This is the 4th Assassin's Creed and all of them require large install. Clearly they don't care about optimizing disc loading.

Redempteur2315d ago

slow loading speed of teh blu ray is not the real problem. It's about getting the assets of the game in time for your engine from memory.
Creed engine need install because of the PS3 architecture ( much better to get info from the hard drive ).

Uncharted 3 manages this with an install but even then it uses the hard drive for caches purposes. Overall it's more flexible for everyone.

As for your 160 gig PS3 , if you use more , you can :
-improve your harddrive
-delete games you don't play often ..

Simple logic show that it's your fault.

ABizzel12315d ago

like Princejb134 said it's the Blu Ray drive. It runs slower than the DVD drive in the 360, so to compensate they allow you to install chunks of the game on the HDD. This also helps prevent texture popping and things that are normally a problem in the 360 versions of open world games.

princejb1342315d ago

thanks abizzel1

these people probably think I'm trying to bash the ps3 when I'm not

ABizzel12314d ago


You're welcome some people are just ignorant. and no matter how many time you say "IN OPEN WORLD GAMES" where most PS3 games have the Mandatory install they still won't believe it until the console itself jumps up and slaps them with it.

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DarkBlood2315d ago

then you know what you got to do good sir and if you wont do that then pick a game install of a game you wont play anymore ish or wont come back too in a long time and just delete that to make room

gamingdroid2315d ago

The installation sizes are rapidly ballooning. I got a 40GB PS3! :(

... however, I got the sexy gunmetal MGS4 LE PS3! xD

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SKUD2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Cheap and easy to add more HDD space on PS3. MS on the other hand make you pay dearly. Is it too much to ask for an HDD accessory sale?.

Vortex3D2315d ago

Would you like to donate a larger hard drive? Either you have to delete and reinstall games like a PC or spend extra $$$ for a larger hard drive. And, then if you have locked game saves, either spend more $$$ for PS+ Cloud Storage or full hard drive that can often fails to restore entirely if it detects copy protected data.

iamgoatman2315d ago

"Cheap and easy to add more HDD space on PS3."

I take it you haven't bought a new HDD lately then? Due to the recent flooding in Thailand, HDD prices have skyrocketed, in some cases even doubled.

B1663r2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

I don't know why you are getting disagrees, replacement hard drives for the ps3 now cost more tha similar hard drives for the xbox...

LNDCalling2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

@B1663r The flooding has increased prices (albeit temporarily) but still here in the UK a 250GB XBox360 HDD is around £60 and for just £40 more you can get a 1Tb drive (£107 - Samsung HN-M101MB - PS3 Compatible)!

The above is in the extreme and you can get 500GB-750GB HDD much cheaper but just to point out that HDD upgrade on PS3 is still way cheaper than on the XBox360 even now whilst prices are inflated!

< No excuse for not having enough HDD space on the PS3!!

cee7732315d ago

best buy has the cheapest 500gb at around 80usd

SDF Repellent2315d ago

At least there is no mandatory install on the X360 version.

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