Shenmue: A Lost Legacy

Project Berkley. At first glance, these two words would almost undoubtedly render the average gaming punter to multiple bouts of head-scratching uncertainty. For loyal followers of the legendary AM2 developer Yu Suzuki (Sega's answer to Shigeru Miyamoto) however, it should register instantaneously as the precursor to one of Suzuki's most ambitious works to date, for it is none other than the working title for what would later become known as Shenmue.

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predator3861d ago

man i loved them games on the dreamcast, i can remember just loadin crates at the dock in the first one for ages and back street fights.

sega bring it back, bring us shenmue 3

mighty_douche3861d ago

everymorning you had to have that fork-lift race! what did you win for first again...? a golden elephant or something...

Multigamer3861d ago

how did u loose a bubble for thinkin a game was good

Marceles3861d ago

They need to bring the series back one last time. Come on Sega...

Dpa3861d ago

O Shenmue we miss you.

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The story is too old to be commented.