InfoWorld's Reader Voices: Blacklisting Sony

InfoWorld Gripe Line by executive editor Ed Foster - Monday, Nov 26, 2007:

"Do customers hold a grudge against vendors that unfairly restrict usage of their products? Well, it would appear that many of InfoWorld's readers do to the point of blacklisting companies that they think went too far with overly controlling behavior. And by far the top name on the list of never-to-be-forgiven companies is Sony due to the rootkit episode."

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ruibing3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

Wow, these people sound like they have been permanently traumatized by the incident from way back in 2005. The biggest issue was how the rootkit masked itself and the security vulnerability it could present to its users, but the biggest issue was the complicated ordeal to remove the rootkit.

But how is this related to gaming? The last escapade with rootkit was with Bioshock, which is not even available on any Sony system, and it was simply the protection chosen by its developers/publishers.

PS3PCFTW3917d ago

this article just made me realize why half my house has SONY written on it........i like HIGH QUALITY.


BrianC62343917d ago

What losers those people are. Big deal, Sony Music had a rootkit on some music CDs. I bet those people all steal music too. If they want to boycott anyone it should be Microsoft. Isn't it Windows which they make that has these security problems? Start with the biggest offender.

Hagaf223917d ago

thats stupid, if you were to hate a company for anything they did wrong, then you would never own anything because every company makes bad decisions some times, look at m$ and the 360 failures, i mean should every one stop buying computers that come with windows or 360's? i mean holding grudges is for people with nothing better to do with their life.

ForTheFallen3917d ago

And Sony's TV's are great. So are their laptops.

Zhuk3917d ago

The whole rootkit debacle was a disaster for Sony and really representative of everything wrong with a company that seems to pride itself on arrogance and stifling creativity

felman873917d ago

Yeah, Sony has no creativity at all whatsoever. God of War? Socom? Paper-thin TV? That stuff doesn't count.

Blacklisting the whole company because of a rootkey caused by a 3rd party device that Sony BGM used is retarded. It's like me not buying a 360 or a Zune cause Windows crashes all the time

PS3PCFTW3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

and my personal favorite:

whats that you say? this article is 2 years old? Yyou dont then in 2 years they still have not fixed the XRODS?.........reality check?

Psynapt1k3917d ago

Oh, so the TRUTH is out there! Zhuk IS a Sony Hater! Not just a PS3 Hater....

BrianC62343917d ago

The rootkit was Sony's way of trying to stop thieves. Those crybabies all probably steal music so they can blame themselves. If Microsoft had better security in Windows the rootkit problem wouldn't exist. They should be able to stop anyone from installing rootkits.

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