Thermal imaging shows horizontal PS3s are cooler

From the images, it seems accurate that the horizontal position is really the way to go.

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MaximusPrime_3953d ago

this is a duplicate of this :

but fair enough.

Armyless3953d ago

The PS3 will produce the same amount of heat either on it's side or standing up. The orientation of the console does not change the amount of heat or energy PRODUCED.

What DOES change, however, is how the heat is dispersed. If the thermal goggles detect a higher heat at the surface of the vent next to the fan when the PS3 is standing up, then MORE HEAT is being drawn FROM the PS3 and concentrated at the vent.

If the peak temperature of the PS3 appears cooler when it's on it's side, that means less heat is being drawn THROUGH the vent/fan, and raising the overall CORE temperature of the PS3.

The opposite of the conclusion of this "article" could be assumed.

wAtdaFck3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

bubbles for you, i've never heard a smarter reply.

Charlie26883953d ago

Wow the 360s back is on FIRE O.o

Well to help my 360 I did it the homemade way by getting one of my dads amplifier 12mm pro fans and feeding it air thru the side :D

wil4hire3953d ago

Why is this news?

Computers are made to withstand certain temperatures, if they weren't.. they would have 33% failure rates.

mighty_douche3953d ago

that would have to be one poorly manufactured piece of hardware.

Anything but Cute3953d ago

It looks so much better standing up, slanted or just place is side ways standing up in a narrow area. It's a big console but it doesn't have to take a lot of space if you don't want it do.

Bebedora3953d ago

Have to agree on that. I think it can stand the heat too.

Loopy3953d ago

PS3 is way cooler that you dude, on any position it is.

mighty_douche3953d ago

it has vents at the top and bootom so obviously covering one of these is going to reduce ventilation.

Bebedora3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

It has vents right if you see the playstation 3 logo right. Instead it has a metal plate at the bottom to spread the heat. Kind of a cooling effect.

mighty_douche3953d ago

yeah your right mate! d'oh

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