Greenpeace Responds To Nintendo On SPOnG

SPOnG spoke to a Greenpeace UK rep earlier today to find out more about the recent report that seemingly slammed Nintendo for environmentally unsound business practices.

It seems that Nintendo of Japan (NCL) was contacted directly by Greenpeace, which was requesting information for the report. This information was not forthcoming, hence Greenpeace had to take the publicly available data from Nintendo's website in compiling its report.

SPOnG then contacted Nintendo for its response to the damning report, which you can see via an Alternative Source below.

SPOnG asked Greenpeace for a response to Nintendo's reaction to the report, which was...

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Forbidden_Darkness3953d ago

i always knew Nintendo was a bunch of whiners. Sony knows how to make a counsole, not a frickin' hazarous counsole like nintendo has done.

ChickeyCantor3953d ago

im wondering is that a side effect you get when you are 100% sony-pro?

ShadoWulf3953d ago

I guess Apple whines too, because I heard they got the same deal a while ago. They didn't want to release records so Greenpeace decided they deserved an extremely low score. Steve comes in to rectify the whole thing. Now is that whining or just making sure people don't get the wrong idea about your business?

And in what way is Nintendo's console "hazardous"? For goodness' sake it's a machine not a nuclear bomb!

Leathersoup3953d ago

Did you even read the article?

They simply said that Nintendo did not publicly proclaim that it was doing anything above and beyond what the European standard requires.

BrianC62343953d ago

No surprise on this story. Someone asks Nintendo for something and the response is no response. Isn't this how they treat the gaming media too? They have to be the most secretive comany in the world. Must protect all those secrets I guess.

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