Square Enix fires up Dragon Quest V's website with a joke

This week's issue of Famitsu announced that Square Enix have launched the official website of Dragon Quest V, but anyone who got in only saw the following text: "‚µ‚©‚µ@ƒy[ƒW‚?@‚©‚?‚?‚?‚¾‚?‚½I".

If you wonder what that means, the text translates to "But the page was empty!". That's an in-game Dragon Quest joke, since the text is written in it's dialog style. The 'hidden' meaning is that Square Enix will launch the website in the next few days.

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Sam Fisher3953d ago

this isnt news .... first off dragon quest...enough said.... second..... that joke was corny b/c it was ingame joke and it was a japanese joke ( no offence theyre really corny)