Sega confirms some release dates

Sega sent out an email today, confirming the release dates for a number of their upcoming games. Among others, relase dates for such highly anticipated games like The Club (Feb 8th '08), Condemned 2 (Feb '08) and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Nov 23rd '07) were confirmed.

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Charlie26883827d ago

Looks like my birthday will be packed with games (February)

-Condemned 2
-Lost Odyssey

-some other game >.>


Skerj3827d ago

They need to confirm that they're going to stop messing up their franchises as well. Glad to see Condemned 2 and The Club in Feb though.

MK_Red3827d ago

WTH, Condemned to in Feb!? The game has had a short teaser shown and nothing more. Aren't they going for some hype or something? At least we had a dozen videos from The Club.

Prismo_Fillusion3827d ago

Are these European release dates? They said Mario and Sonic/Olympics came out just a few days ago, but it came out a couple weeks ago. Also Bleach:Shattered Blade is scheduled for February...but it already came out in the US.