Which HDTV Has the Best Picture Quality?

Q. I want to buy that special HDTV for the holidays. But I couldn't be more confused about picture quality and what defines a great picture. Is there one set that clearly offers the best picture? -- Summer S.

The short answer is no.

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Leathersoup3953d ago

Wow. No useful information at all.

titntin3953d ago

This is lamest post I've seen approved ever. The people who approved this cr*p should be ashamed of themselves. This site is degenrating very fast....

InMyOpinion3953d ago

Q. Do you have a Blu-ray and HD DVD player? Which one do you like better? -- Morton A.
"I have both and I think the picture quality is identical on both. Blu-ray has a few more titles available, which is nice, but Paramount and Universal are working overtime to even that score."

HarryEtTubMan3953d ago

HAHAHA And on Black Friday were still beaten 77% too 22%..... OUUCCHHHHH. HDDVD IS GETTING ABSOLUTELY RAPED!!! And they were even selling them for 99$ The are going to be FORCED to frfit soon... They are serisouly getting beaten reall bad now.

season0073953d ago

working OT to even movie production
are you kidding me?
so he is saying that 2 studios can make up their less movie title by working OT?

and there is not absolute best HDTV? are you kidding me again...
pos article

Ignorant Fanboy3953d ago

There no small time production.

RudeSole Devil3953d ago

I've Been down this road before. I tested every TV Best Buy had to offer, and returned them within 30 days so I could try another one. My final decision was between Samsung and Sony LCDs. At the time they cost just about the same, but the Brovia picture quility was superior all around. Samsungs not a bad choice, but no one makes TV's like Sony.

PS3n3603953d ago

Sony doesnt even make the screens for their lcd's. they are made by samsung. But at least Samsung makes superb tvs thus Sony tv's are also great.

tony3953d ago

i own a sony bravia too, but for games i like the toshiba far more. it looks crisper. the colors with the bravia sometimes get lost.still a good tv though.

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The story is too old to be commented.