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Submitted by hitthegspot 2996d ago | news

Which HDTV Has the Best Picture Quality?

Q. I want to buy that special HDTV for the holidays. But I couldn't be more confused about picture quality and what defines a great picture. Is there one set that clearly offers the best picture? -- Summer S.

The short answer is no. (Tech)

Leathersoup  +   2996d ago
Good article.
Wow. No useful information at all.
titntin  +   2996d ago
This is lamest post I've seen approved ever. The people who approved this cr*p should be ashamed of themselves. This site is degenrating very fast....
InMyOpinion  +   2996d ago
Q. Do you have a Blu-ray and HD DVD player? Which one do you like better? -- Morton A.
"I have both and I think the picture quality is identical on both. Blu-ray has a few more titles available, which is nice, but Paramount and Universal are working overtime to even that score."
HarryEtTubMan  +   2996d ago
HAHAHA And on Black Friday were still beaten 77% too 22%..... OUUCCHHHHH. HDDVD IS GETTING ABSOLUTELY RAPED!!! And they were even selling them for 99$ The are going to be FORCED to frfit soon... They are serisouly getting beaten reall bad now.
season007  +   2996d ago
working OT to even movie production
are you kidding me?
so he is saying that 2 studios can make up their less movie title by working OT?

and there is not absolute best HDTV? are you kidding me again...
pos article
Ignorant Fanboy  +   2996d ago
It is Paramount and Universal,
There no small time production.
RudeSole Devil  +   2996d ago
Sony Bravia
I've Been down this road before. I tested every TV Best Buy had to offer, and returned them within 30 days so I could try another one. My final decision was between Samsung and Sony LCDs. At the time they cost just about the same, but the Brovia picture quility was superior all around. Samsungs not a bad choice, but no one makes TV's like Sony.
PS3n360  +   2996d ago
thats funny, no one makes tv's like sony.
Sony doesnt even make the screens for their lcd's. they are made by samsung. But at least Samsung makes superb tvs thus Sony tv's are also great.
tony  +   2996d ago
i own a sony bravia too, but for games i like the toshiba far more. it looks crisper. the colors with the bravia sometimes get lost.still a good tv though.
stuntman_mike  +   2996d ago
the only thing affecting my purchase of hdtv is the price.
Bleucrunch  +   2996d ago
Two words BRAVIA OR SAMSUNG they are the best.
The Wood  +   2996d ago
Pioneer are the best with plasma's
i dont like samsungs because they don't have a dedicated off button, i know its a minor reason but thats just taking the pee in my opinion. Best plasma/hdtv on the market is the 50" 1080p pioneer. It was their first because their 1080i models were better than other brands 1080p's.
Bonsai1214  +   2996d ago
pioneer elite is the best tv out right now. then come sony's bravia series
RudeSole Devil  +   2996d ago
What about the picture lag?? What about burn in?? Plasma TV are good for movies not gaming. LCD all the way, and Sony Bravia is your best bet.
The Wood  +   2996d ago
if by picture lag
you mean problems whilst watching fast moving objects then your mistaken. CRT followed by Plasma followed by lcd but yes picture burn and power consumption are the ills plasmas. The thing about plasma's is if you treat it good for like the first 3 to 4 months any burn is pretty much gone by the next day
deeznuts  +   2996d ago
@7.3, I think you got your technologies mixed up. LCD's have the lag/ghosting problem, not Plasmas. Regarding burn-in, Plasmas are ok for gaming as long as you are smart about it, but LCD does lead in this regard.

The two technologies have compressed together, where everything is close. Plasmas have better PQ all around, LCD's better for burn-in and brightness. Sony Bravias beat a lot of plasmas in PQ. They look good. But I dare anyone to say to anybody knowledgable that the Bravias come close to the Pioneer Kuro. panasonics are great plasmas as well.
hitthegspot  +   2996d ago
I never thought this would get approved...
I just posted it in pending to see what type of rejection this review would get. This info wouldn't even be considered News For Dummies...

Seriously don't you like the picture?
actas123  +   2996d ago
I don't exactly know what the best TV is, but I know a horrible Tv: Phillips, Yes it Sucks. If you want a good and an inexpensive TV the choice is Westinghouse they make good TVs for half the price of the Samsungs or Sharps or what have ya
Figboy  +   2996d ago
i have a Samsung
40" LCD 720p.

i think the picture quality is quite superb. no complaints there. when me and my fiance move into our new place, i'll think about investing in a larger, 1080p set for the living room, and moving the Samsung into the bedroom. i'll probably pick up another PS3 too (mainly for her, so i can have mine back; she hogs it playing Oblivion), so we can have one for each TV.

after going HD, there is *NO WAY i'm going back to a standard def television. even if we get a tiny set for the kitchen, it's going to be an HD set.
StrongerCypher  +   2996d ago
Hands down Pioneer Plasma5070 . Best HDTV out. xbox games look stunning. We all agree ti disagree. Get the TV that looks best to you.
FirstknighT  +   2996d ago
Plasmas are still the king of picture quality. And the newer ones are perfect for next gen gaming. Lcd's suffer from motion problems, blurring, and lack of true color. Plasma burn-in is not a factor anymore...As long as you do a proper break in for the first 100 hours.
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GIJeff  +   2996d ago
actually, now adays its the oposite.
Plasmas are slow, blurry, and degrade over time dramatically. LCDs are dependable, sharp, fast, (some 2ms even)and the lamps last at least 40,000 hours. LCD tvs havent ghosted since 8ms became standard.
FirstknighT  +   2996d ago
I don't know where you get your info but Plasmas have better motion than LCDs. And current models last around 60,000 hours. Same as LCD's. Plasmas do a much better job on all your typical flat panel problems than LCD's.
BenderDGreat82  +   2996d ago
I've had about 5 HD tv's
My first was a Vizio 32 inch 1080i which i loved, but had to take back (rent was due...i know, i'm a douche). The second was a Sharp Aquos 42" 1080p , but I took it back because it wouldn't switch between 720p and anything else. My 3rd was an 26" Insignia from Best Buy that was horrible. The sound was like nails scratching a chalkboard and half the screen would sometimes shut off!! I traded the Insignia and went with a Westinghouse 32" 720p for a couple of hundred dollars more.....WOW! The picture quality was probably one of the best I've seen and the value was unbeatable. I saw an ad that Best Buy had a 42" 1080p Westinghouse for $980...I went for it...WOW AGAIN!!! What is it with this brand? My PS3 look phenomenal and the digital broadcast looks amazing. Heroes looks sweeeet and the rest of the hi-def looks spectacular. I was saving to buy a Sony Bravia possibly with 120hz, but why? I honestly couldn't be happier with what I have and I know you will too.
MEGANE  +   2996d ago
sony bravia
LCD are a lot better in under 50" and i suggest a sony bravia..the are a little more expensive but thy are worth it
Ignorant Fanboy  +   2996d ago
Olevia all the way!!
I know, their cheap, but look at the specs, they match sony screens at half the price. The screen is real quality but the rest is crap, the speakers arent good, but I have surround sound. The remote is cheap, but I use a universal.

If the screen is all you care about, its a good deal.

And before you flame, my Olevia LCD is 27" and my Sony bravia is 32" and their about equal as far as clarity.
gnothe1  +   2996d ago
i own a 60 in sony SXRD 1080p hdtv an when i tell you the picture is absolutely amazing. best picture out of my other HDTV's, 57 in zenith 1080i hdtv,36 in samsung 1080i hdtv, 27 in westing house 1080i hdtv. they all look great but just not on the level of my 60 in SONY!!
GIJeff  +   2996d ago
I just picked up an LG
my decision was between bravia, samsung, or whatever looked best.
The LG beat samsung's contrast ratio and response time. The blacks are actually black, and the whites are actually white.

8000:1 contrast
5ms response

Most amazing ive seen. Plasmas always looks a little screwy. I dont know about gaming on one...LCD for the win.

PS. Westinghouse is getting better every day.

EDIT: Whoops, didnt mention i was shopping for a 32". This was for the bedroom, not the living room.
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joydestroy  +   2996d ago
there's a 52" Samsung LCD at best buy with a contrast ration of 500,000:1 and 8ms response for 4,500...

maybe the LG had better specs compared to a Samsung in the same price range, but you get what you pay for.
GIJeff  +   2996d ago
I think
you are mistaken. Samsungs 52" LCD is 15,000:1 with 8ms.

5ms is better for gaming.
and im not about to spend 4,000 on a tv. thats rediculous.
sheng long  +   2996d ago
I think the SXRD is the best non flat panel out there.
Plasma i'd go with Pioneer Elite or Fujitsu.
Flat panel LCD Sony/Samsung >Toshiba >Sharp >everything else
Mikey_Gee  +   2996d ago
Samsung 1080p DLP
I have a 61" and it is AWSOME.

Crisp and clear and still puts a smile on my face when watching TV or playing games on it.

Prices are also crazy low on them now compared to less than a year ago.

But, if you are in the market for a flat panel, the new Samsung 81 series LED LCD's are beyond words beautiful. You really do need to see it to believe it. As nice as the new Sony XBR5's are, I would take the Sammy LED LCD hands down.
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