Is The PS3 Really Selling That Well? *Update*

Looking at the worldwide numbers from the week ending November 18th, in Japan the PS3 sold a whopping 53,000 units, compared to the Wii at 36,000 and the Xbox360 at a dismal 6,000. In Europe, the Wii leads with 132,000 units, followed by the PS3 at 84,000 and the Xbox360 at 58,000 units sold. In the United States, the PS3 is last at 95,000 units, followed by the Xbox360 at 163,000 and the Wii at 254,000.

Totting up these numbers we get an approximate world total of 422,000 for the Wii, 232,000 for the PS3, and 227,000 for the Xbox360. So here it can be seen that although the Playstation 3 leads in two major sections of world sales, it comes in almost equal with the Xbox360. This of course is impressive, considering the past numbers the PS3 was doing, but in comparison to increases from competing consoles, the PS3 is selling well but not that well.

Where does Sony's reported 300% sales increase come from? Without official numbers it is difficult to hazard a guess, but once again looking at the estimates from VGChartz we can perhaps see. Sony said there was a 300% increase since the 2nd of November. Well on the week ending the 3rd November, VGChartz lists the PS3 as selling 55,000 in the US. Comparing to their forecast of this weeks sales (week ending 25th November), a staggering 174,000 PS3's were sold. You can now see an approximate three fold increase. Sony could have made their increase sound even more impressive by using sales numbers from the week ending 20th October, where the PS3 sold only 28,000 meaning they could have reported an insane 600% increase in sales!

However, although this increase is impressive for the previously lagging console, looking at US numbers for the other consoles in the week ending 25th November, the Xbox360 has an increase to 254,000 and the Wii an increase to over 350,000 as reported by Nintendo themselves. In conclusion, the Playstation3 is certainly making a come back, but when compared to the increases made by other consoles in this Holiday period, it's not selling as magnificently as we may have thought after Sony's press release.

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Leg-End3953d ago

still very good though

Naruto3953d ago

why are they using VG chartz numbers as Fact?

techie3953d ago

"Instead, lets now look at some more numbers to perhaps support my original scepticism. There’s no doubt that the PS3 is selling better than it used to, if not much better. Therefore, if we take a cross section of recent PS3 sales we can have a better understanding of things. We can use recent Famitsu numbers and predictions from VGChartz (the accuracy of VGChartz is known to be up to 15% out of more official numbers from NPD, so they too must be taken with a pinch of salt)."

QUNE3953d ago

Move along..... Move along... Yo can go about your business.

EZCheez3953d ago

Even if it sold a million consoles per week, it will probably never meet some peoples' expectations.

"Selling well, but not that well." That's what is stated immediately after the numbers he used to show that it actually outsold the 360. Has it ever done that? Honestly, I don't know. How can you say that's "not that well?"

sticky doja3953d ago

I guess he can say its "not that well" because accourding to his numbers the PS3 sold only 5,000 more worldwide than the 360. These totals were a week after a price drop worldwide and a new SKU that was significantly cheaper than those before it. Now if that trend continues Sony has reason to celebrate, but if its just a temporary result of the console price going down then it could be considered "not that well."

Real gamer 4 life3953d ago

LOL Sony is outselling the 360 in europe with a crappy @ss commercial. Man they should really change those commercial in europe. But i can assure you thst the reason is selling well in NA is because there commercial here rocks. They come on all day, and people see that and they want a ps3. Also the price cut is really helping them, however i think there may be another price cut sometime next spring.