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ClickOnline.com - Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Review

ClickOnline.com writes: "We have to admit, we never fully understood some of the abuse that the Halo series has gotten down through the years. Sure, it never had the depth of some shooters, and it certainly was more arcadey than most, but the series has always provided us with many hours of enjoyment, as well as some epic and wholly memorable battles. Despite the departure of Bungie from Microsoft's stable in order to focus on an all new, non-Halo related project, the series synonymous with the Xbox brand is making a return, this time it's a remake of the game that started it all, Halo: Combat Evolved." (Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, Xbox 360) 2/5

wwm0nkey  +   1052d ago
Wait did they just say the Halo AI was bad? Its still one of the best AI systems in gaming unlike all the current shooters where the enemy just pops out at you and asks you to shoot them
ClydeRadcliffe  +   1052d ago
I think you need to replay the original Halo again and see if you think that comment still stands up...
wwm0nkey  +   1052d ago
I did just recently replay it, the enemy makes a great habbit of dodging you when they can and 1 on 1 encounters with the Elites where and still are great.

EDIT: Also if you where playing on Easy or Normal that would explain why the AI sucked, on those modes they are pretty much brain dead.
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AmaZinG  +   1052d ago
I Love the Haters
it actually make the games sell more... Loke at Mw3 or any other much hated game.

Just love it
BubloZX  +   1052d ago
actually not to many haters for MW3 out there. the reviews for it on a whole are great.
DARK WITNESS  +   1052d ago
@ ClydeRadcliffe

I played halo CE recently and I have to agree with wwmonkey.

In my opinion halo CE has some of the best AI in any shooter and it still stands up today just as well. I read the article and to be honest it's their opinion, and my opinion of their opinion is that they don't know what the hell they are talking about.

Playing it on normal, ya it may seem a bit weak, but on legendary most games have nothing on it. compare to something like MW which the enemies seem to have almost no ai or personality at all.

i would write all day about all the points they made and why I feel they are wrong, but skyrim is calling me.
gamernova  +   1052d ago
Ouch! Well, I will just assume it is the CoD effect in place because just like CoD, I know a lot of people who love Halo too. Fuck the haters. Although I am not a 360 gamer :P
dkp23  +   1052d ago
If anybody played reach they would know the enemies
Would dodge the hell out of your shots.
Jocosta  +   1052d ago
Yes, and to my eternal annoyance, especially the jump pack Elites.
tmoss726  +   1052d ago
This is a terrible review. Besides it's not like you're paying for a full priced game. It's like they expected the game to be changed completely, even though 343i said they are staying as close to the original as possible.
ClydeRadcliffe  +   1052d ago
A game is either good or it isn't. Just because it was good ten years ago doesn't mean it's going to be good now. Look at how badly Goldeneye has aged
enfestid  +   1050d ago
You're right -- a game is either good or it isn't. And this remake is good, as was the original. To compare it to Goldeneye is absurd, because Halo largely plays the same as almost any shooter released today, save a few (Half-Life 2, Bioshock, or Crysis, for instance). The A.I. routines are far better than many games released today as well, unlike your article states.

So I don't understand the review's complaints, sorry.
ssb3173  +   1043d ago
A 4!! seriously, i think this guy is really biased. its worth an 8 atleast

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