Halo Theme Performed by High School Kids

This just goes to show that Halo can bring out the talent in you. A group of high school kids perform the halo theme at their high school talent show in this cool video.

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JasonXE3844d ago

1) I was hoping for a guitar solo to smash up the place but was kind of disappointed.
2) I would love to see how far they would of gone with a final fantasy theme
3) i really like the halo theme

hep3844d ago

Extremely impressive none the less, I loved the mario bit in the middle to, it was fantastic to watch and listen to it.

Theonetheonly3844d ago

that was amazing

Ive never seen someone "GET DOWN" on a violin before but from what i saw it rocks!!!

Dukester1013844d ago

That was pretty good. I'd like to see where they got the sheet music for that...

younghalo3844d ago

I'm pretty sure they made their own sheet music. There's this program where you can get an audio files and turn it into sheet music.. at least that's how I did it.

Chronical3844d ago

Yeah thats was cool. And who says Halo isnt one of the most influencial games around

Gh0stDrag0n3844d ago

Those kids have a lot of talent, great performance.

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The story is too old to be commented.