What else can Live learn from Facebook?

Social networking suggestions for Xbox 360 shenanigans from Games Radar:

"The upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard update will enable us to browse through other people's friends lists, Microsoft has revealed, telling us that it'll help people 'find old friends or connect with new ones'. So, just like Facebook and MySpace, we'll also be free to stalk people we don't know. Though strangely Microsoft didn't identify this as a selling point...

So with Xbox Live broadening its social horizons, where next for 360 interactions? Games Radar have used their extensive knowledge of social networking sites to figure out the next big addition to the dashboard. It also gave us a proper reason for repeatedly F5ing our Facebook homepage instead of doing real work. Winz!"

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Crazyglues3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

yeah my response exactly

what's next is it going to also go to the Disney channel, and you will also be able to have all your friends sit together to watch an episode of sponge bob.

Thanks Microsoft, really killer features. - can't wait to invite all my friend to check out my myspace page. Good times.

Wonder if in the next update we will get to change the themes text and colors so it can look all unreadable like myspace pages.

What they need to do is add a ban button so people who talk all those hateful comments on xboxlive can be muted from your ears. -Now there's a killer feature.

Bombomb3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

you probably don't even own an Xbox, and if you do have you done your part and submitted some things you would like Microsoft to do on LIVE? instead of whining like aPS3 gamer..

I bet you you have no clue but expectations.

Why don't you send some feedback instead of coming to a fanboy site as if MS is watching.

XBL is always evolving as sh%t gets popular. Now with facebook and myspace being popular I see no probs with this, especially if it can be turned off.

Ever heard of Second life or sims, well there go HOME for the PS3, see nothing new there. See Sony learned something from them.

But your no complaining are ya?

Crazyglues3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

you know it's funny how people just read stuff here and make assumptions in their head. -For one if you clicked on my name you would see that I do have an xboxlive account and I play on xboxlive all the time. In fact you can see my game card when you click on my name. Funny, I don't see yours though?

But I guess it's just easier to assume stuff. -For your information I do suggest stuff to Microsoft all the time, I wrote them an entire letter to the company and to several blogs about how Microsoft should take responsibility for the Red Ring Of Death everyone is getting. Because it is clearly a system flaw, and their fault.

And Unlike your assumption I love my Xbox 360 and I play it all the time. The problem I have with Live is I don't like how the system is not better integrated into the game play. I don't think making it more of a facebook is helpful, and would have been nice if they could have tackled the real problem on 360 which is the hate.

I would like to block people I don't want to hear ever again when I'm play 360 (so I don't hear them and they don't hear me) and I don't want people just looking at my friends list and adding or talking to my friends, because that's why they are my friends. They may be fine for me but when my little brother is on I don't want him talking to adult friends on my friends list who may be a little strong with their words.

I just felt their is a more important direction that needed to be addressed, so like in the article is says " like Facebook and MySpace, we'll also be free to stalk people we don't know." - I don't think that's cool.

-Do you? Oh and thanks for lowering my bubbles for no reason.

PS3n3603953d ago

You can mute and select "avoid this player" by selecting that player either in game or on the recently played list. however if your like me you got tired of banning 90% of the idiots that you have to deal with.

Crazyglues3953d ago

Bubbles for you my friend,

I try but it never seems to work, when I try to mute someone the whole thing goes dead and I can't hear anyone, and sometimes it just doesn't work. But yeah I will agree with you, you do get tired of banning 90% of the idiots

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ChronicOsmosis3953d ago

Im sure someone said on here yesterday that xbox wasn't turning into facebook to them i say ''told u so''

ThichQuangDuck3953d ago

well its not optional and this is just a games radar article specatating could it change to facebook. I personally would like to see some of the aspects like when people open your gamercard they hear a song that you chose or something. I would also like a top friends to access them easier. A friend filter for what game they are on. To have a unique sound if you choose when you come on. Multichat like everyone else. Video chat while playing. Make each slide in theme different. this is a big one be able to save mp3s to 360. Clan blade since so many people want it. Being able to make the picture you take with your vision camera your gamer picture and personal picture if you choose. It would also be nice to have a review option where people could show scores and see based on your friends if they liked it. Also the future coming DVR sounds nice. Maybe to see what demos your friend has.

ChronicOsmosis3953d ago

ok the stuff you mentioned is cool. OK i change my mind facebook rocks lol.

candystop3953d ago

Dang Hamburgular23 you got me excited there! I hope someone from MS read your post because thats exactly what I want!

OOG FunK3953d ago

Yea Hamburgular23 sweet thats what I like about xbox live....I like the fact they are trying to turn it into more of a be nice to see all those featues u said sometime in the future.....eventually who knows gaming networks could start to trump things like facebook and myspace or at least be a strong competitor

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ThichQuangDuck3953d ago

if you even do half the things i said in my first post it will be a amazing update.

and whatever you do please do not do a copy off of home is i wanted to play the sims i would buy the sims

ArmrdChaos3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

The view friends list feature is fully selectable (Everyone, Friends Only, or Blocked) so you have absolute control over who gets to see what. You can change the setting for it right now...prior to the update:

rofldings3953d ago

What else can Live learn from PlayStation Home?


ThichQuangDuck3953d ago

does playstation home have view friends, friends timer or anything microsoft is copying and the only thing i have heard about them possibly copying is home but as i said i hope they dont because if i wanted to buy the sims i would