Fox News Covers Halo Trash Talking

Loot Ninja has brought you Halo 3 Smack Talk of the Day on multiple occasions. But what happens when Fox News tries to tackle the subject?

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Bleyd3916d ago

I believe your response would be the definition of irony. Very funny. :)

rofldings3916d ago

LOL FOX NEWS? They're probably praising the bashers.

Fox news = conservative homophobes / also throw in "retards."

Mr PS33916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

Only on Xbox
Now unlike the scruffy dusty PS3 kid who was a paid actor these are not paid actors!! These are your everyday,uneducated,disrespecf ul,low down, foul mouthed, hillbillie xbox owners

razer3916d ago

Way to generalize. So I guess the times I've been called a n*gger on PSN is just a fluke?? Or maybe it's the typical dirt trash, 7-11 workin hillbilly racist PS3 owners..

People like you give PS3 owners a bad name.. Don't you have a BR movie to watch or a protein to fold? LOL

Lyberator3916d ago

Well said razer.
As for the parents, ignorance is no excuse for not taking the time to gain a little knowledge on modern technology.

meatnormous3916d ago

I own a ps3 and still hear trash talk. Its not just the xbox that has this problem.

v1c1ous3916d ago

does this guy have more agrees than disagrees after all that dribble

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Benjamin093916d ago

That they show all the bad talk and parents that don't understand anything.

Okay, why didn't they ask the parents if they took the time to look into the child's activities or try to understand what they are doing on the consoles.

Sigh, just another news piece screaming the sky is falling and really offering only one side of the story.

Bottom line = Parents watch your children and take an interest in their activities to see what goes on!

razer3916d ago

need to be involved with their childrens gaming. If they are going to buy the device for them they need to own up to the responsibility because I don't think Live or people will change.

Also, it's not like kids aren't exposed to this at school, movies, music and the internet.. I mean how many times do some of these rap songs say n*gga and drop curse words???

MS has gone to great lengths to provide the tools to protect kids but they need to be used.

ukilnme3916d ago

I agree. The parents have to take control here. I don't let my son play anything online. I talk to him about the dangers that are out there but I have taken the extra step to isolate him from it for now until I know he is ready to take care of himself when we are not present.

meatnormous3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

This has been a problem not only on the Xbox, but every game that has a chat option. I have heard things on socom, Counterstrike, COD4 and warhawk. This is a problem that every system has. Parents use these systems as a babysitter and just let them be as they do other things. Apparently because I am from Ohio, I am a farmer. I asked the kid that said that to me how old he was and he said 16. I told him I am married and not a farmer, then he said he would come to my house and kill us both. You kids are the problem, what if someone came up to you in real life and kicked the crap out of you for being a mic warrior?

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The story is too old to be commented.