Beowulf - Play:Digital Video Review (1 stars out of 5)

"I! AM! BEOWULF!" Too bad he's not actually any good, too.

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Hwaet! (That’s the first word from Beowulf, for those of you that didn’t study old English).

The game of the movie of the poem. That’s a lot of dilution. But the subject material is so damn cool with its heroic action and mythological baddies that I had been hoping it wouldn’t matter.

That was possibly a little naive. Come, take a seat by the fire, and listen as I tell you the story of Beowulf… The Game. Unlike its titular protagonist, it lacks balls.

-Katharine Fletcher

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Charlie26883947d ago

I <3 Katharine Fletcher :P

here reviews are always SO awesome XD

Interpol Agent3947d ago

That's a cute girl. And lovely.