UK General Praises "Playstation Generation"

General Sir Richard Dannatt told an audience of business leaders that the "Playstation generation" was more than a match for what is required for combat in Afghanistan.

"There was a time when commentators and some more experienced members of the Army expressed concern as to whether the 'PlayStation generation' were up to dealing with the gritty bloody conflict that is routine business in southern Afghanistan and Iraq.
"Well, I'm pleased to say that they are. Our young soldiers, drawn from across British society, are more than a match for what is required of them and I salute every one of them."

Well there you go, but what about the Wii and 360 generaiton?

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to4073954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

Who is this guy posting this article ?
What does games/playstation have in common with war in Iraq or what have you?

Baba19063954d ago

what the hell is this......... whats a playstation generation?

mighty_douche3954d ago

this isnt gaming news, purely a publicity stunt. This dude is just trying to attract more mindless recruits to Britains ailing armed forces to ship off to fight for someone else's oil craving.

Get F*cked i say....

socomnick3954d ago

The xbox generation would have commit war atrocities and then teabag the corpses. :P hehe

jackdoe3954d ago

That is so wrong. So basically, the guy is saying that video games have made the youth into killing machines, perfect for the army?

deeznuts3954d ago

No that's not what he's saying. He was saying there was concern among commentators and Army brass that the Playstation Generation (i.e. this video game playing generation) were not cut out for the military, War, etc. Essentially he was stating there was worry that this generation was a bunch of pansies who couldn't handle the war.

And he goes on to state the worries and concerns were unfounded.

Reading comprehension FTL!

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The story is too old to be commented.