Grand Theft Auto IV - Final Box Reveal Video

Think it's not coming... Think again.


A new trailer entitled "Move up, ladies" will be released on 6th of December.

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tethered3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )


New trailer:
“Move up, ladies”

Panthers3951d ago

Do those pics mean that you will possibly be able to fly helicopters and stuff? I know its just a pic, but maybe. They did say the game will surpass all expectations.

I am asking because I read something that said you wont be able to fly anything. That would suck.

tethered3951d ago

You can fly helicopters just not planes.

LSDARBY3951d ago

Awsome atuff, i hope this game meets the hype

C_SoL3951d ago

Which version gonna be better(PS3 or X360)......
sorry, i had to say it....
let the flaming begin....haha..

(thats if u fall for it)....

sandip7873951d ago

dont worry, when has a recent GTA game not met the hype?
they've all been getting gradually better. you can put GTA 3,vice city or san andreas and still have a good time.
this one is gonna be immense

bluecapone3951d ago

Finally Rockstar is giving us a new trailer

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The story is too old to be commented.